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I have a lot of things to say this week but I’m just too tired and old to write it all down.

Have you heard of this new thing called a podcast? It’s where people give their opinion on different subjects even if no one cares. I have a lot of stupid opinions no one cares about. Maybe I’ll start a podcast and tell everyone how I feel about fantasy football, the Dallas Cowboys and Donald Trump.

Think about it. Don’t you want a random sports writer giving his takes on Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick? Maybe I’ll even start posting my dumb opinions on Facebook. If there’s one way to enhance your position in a community, it’s saying dumb stuff on Facebook.

To quote Sonny in A Bronx Tale, “No one cares.” No one cares what most of you have to say. You think they do but they don’t. If you work as an electrician and are giving your political takes on Facebook, no one cares. If you just create a Twitter handle and put the word ‘Fantasy” in it, no one is listening to your podcast.

No one cares. There are too many people giving me their irrelevant opinions on every subject. Not everyone can be relevant. Some people are plumbers and that’s fine. I just don’t care what my plumber thinks about Donald Trump or fantasy football.

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Now, on with the Fire Sale

Going Up

Sony Michel, RB Patriots

If you’re looking for a player to target right now, I recommend Sony Michel. I traded for him in two leagues last week. James White is around to be a pain in the butt, although Bill Belichick likes to run the ball later in the season to prepare for the playoffs. We saw it the last two years with LeGarrette Blount and Dion Lewis.

Another reason to be high on Michel is Tom Brady isn’t 30-year-old anymore. Last year you could tell his arm was starting to tire late in the season. There’s no reason to overuse Brady in games where the Patriots have a big lead. Expect Michel to see a lot of work over the next two months of the season.

Michel’s ceiling will always be capped as long as White is healthy but I think he’s going to be one of the most valuable running backs come fantasy playoff time.

D’Onta Foreman, RB Texans

Foreman is on track to return from the PUP list in Week 7 after tearing his Achilles last November. With Lamar Miller struggling and Alfred Blue the epitome of an average running back, Foreman will have an opportunity to become the Texans’ top back. It might just take some time.

One thing to remember with Foreman is you’ll need to be patient with him. Even though we all think Blue and Lamar Miller are JAGs, Bill O’Brien is an awful coach, so Foreman won’t come in and see a lot of touches right away. What owners are hoping for is he becomes a factor by fantasy playoffs.

Foreman is worth stashing given the Texans’ lack of talent at the running back position. He could be big over the final month of the season.

Christian Kirk, Cardinals

It’s hard to trust an offense that believes throwing the ball to David Johnson is a bad idea. However, at this point in the season we’re looking for upside and Kirk has some, even if Mike McCoy is calling the plays.

Kirk is starting to gain some momentum with strong performances in two of his last three games. On Sunday, Kirk caught just three passes but they went for 85 yards and a touchdown. He now has 11 receptions in his last three games and has topped 80 yards twice over that stretch.

He’ll have more value over the second half of the season as the Cardinals’ offense improves under rookie quarterback Josh Rosen. Kirk is worth adding in deeper, more competitive leagues.

Trent Taylor, WR 49ers – I don’t want to get crazy yet but 7/61/1 on Sunday. Most of it was in garbage time but garbage time counts. Is this a sign of things to come? If it is, I’ll go down as the greatest fantasy football prognosticator of all-time. If not, I’ll just be an old guy who is a below-average flag football coach.

Coming Down

Doug Baldwin, WR Seahawks

When a receiver’s team scores 31 points and all I hear after the game is how well he blocked, it makes me angry. I don’t care how well a receiver blocks. How is Odell Beckham‘s blocking? No one knows and no know one cares.

The Seahawks scored 31 points on Sunday. That game will go down as one of Seattle’s top offensive performances of the season. I guarantee it. Baldwin caught one ball for one yard. Oh, but did you see Baldwin’s crackback block? It was amazing.

Apparently, Tyler Lockett and some guy named David Moore weren’t working on their blocking because they combined to score three touchdowns. Yes, but can they block like Baldwin?

When a team is paying a receiver way too much money and he’s no longer producing, you’ll hear about his blocking. Baldwin has less fantasy value than Trent Taylor right now.

Devonta Freeman, RB Falcons – Who in the hell is Ito Smith and why do I keep seeing him in the end zone? In the last two weeks, Smith has two touchdowns, while Freeman and Tevin Coleman have none.

Isn’t that so Steve Sarkisian? Don’t throw to Julio Jones or give the ball to your third-string running back in the red zone.

I like to follow what good coaches are doing. If the Rams do something, it’s right. You know how many touchdowns Malcolm Brown and John Kelly have this season? Zero. Todd Gurley has seven. It’s that easy

In other news, the Falcons are 1-4 this season behind Sark and the rest of the stellar Atlanta coaching staff.

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