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Jerry Jones did it again.

It always makes me laugh that people are surprised when Jerry Jones does something stupid. I honestly believe the majority of “analysts” on Twitter just watch football and give what they think are hot takes. They don’t understand the game or know the history of it. Let me give you a history lesson.

Jerry traded two first-round draft picks for Joey Galloway. A deep threat. Imagine giving away two first-round picks for a guy who wasn’t even considered the best receiver in the NFL? Jerry did it. According to him, the Cowboys were a receiver away from the Super Bowl. They weren’t.

I know what you’re saying, Jerry must have learned his lesson after that ridiculous trade, right? Nope. A few years later Jerry sent a first, third and sixth round draft pick to Detroit for Roy Williams. Apparently having one Roy Williams on the team that stunk wasn’t enough for Jerry, so he added another one on the offensive side of the ball.

Williams was a major disappointment. Instead, an undrafted kid out of Monmouth named Miles Austin became the Cowboys’ No. 1 receiver. Jerry made the deal because he believed the team was a receiver away from winning a championship. They weren’t.

On Monday, Jerry was at it again, trading a first-round pick for Amari Cooper because he believes the Cowboys are a receiver away from competing. They aren’t. The part I love is the reaction on Twitter. How could Jerry do something so stupid? How? Well, he’s now traded away four first round picks for receivers in the last 20 years, so it’s pretty common for him. Yet, Twitter is shocked he made the deal.

Call me when Jerry Jones doesn’t do something stupid to hurt the franchise. Then I’ll be shocked. I’m not holding my breath.

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Now, on with the Fire Sale

Going Up

Jalen Richard, RB, Raiders

Pretty soon, Richard will be the only player left in Oakland. Although, he’s pretty young, so I’m sure Jon Gruden is trying to trade him away as we speak.

Marshawn Lynch is out for the rest of the season with a groin injury. That leaves Richard and Doug Martin to battle for touches. Martin is hot garbage. He’s been hot garbage for three years. Can you guess which way I’m leaning here?

Richard is the much more valuable player in PPR leagues. He has at least six reception in four of six games this season and 13 catches in his last two. Richard will be the featured running back on passing downs and when the Raiders are behind. Have you watched the Raiders this year? They’ll will be behind a lot. That’s a guarantee.

Richard isn’t anything special but he’s is the Raiders’ version of James White. That’s better than being hot garbage.

Tre’Quan Smith, WR Saints

My 2018 sleepers keep rolling. While I missed out on Trent TaylorO.J. Howard, Tyler Boyd and Kerryon Johnson have been huge hits. The other guy on that list was Tre’Quan Smith. It’s taken a while like I predicted but business is about to pick up for Smith over the next two months.

Ted Ginn has been lost for the rest of the season, putting the explosive Smith on the fantasy radar. He caught just three passes for 44 yards Sunday against the Ravens, although remember, Baltimore came in with the NFL’s No. 1 ranked defense. Drew Brees threw for just 212 yards, so Smith’s 44 isn’t bad and he saw an encouraging six targets.

The game before against Washington, Smith caught three passes and they went for 111 yards and two touchdowns. He’s a big play waiting to happen. Smith will be the Saints’ version of Will Fuller. He won’t catch a ton of passes but the ones he does will go for big plays. He’s one of the top stashes in fantasy football right now. I expect Smith to be a starter come fantasy playoff time. Get him now.

Chris Herndon, TE, Jets

Listen, we all can’t be blessed to have O.J. Howard in every league. Some owners are dying out there trying to find a tight end. After his last two games, Herndon has put his name in the mix.

Herndon is emerging as one of Sam Darnold‘s favorite targets in New York. He’s scored in consecutive games with six catches for 98 yards over that span. Those aren’t huge numbers but at a position where some owners are trotting out C.J. Uzomah as a starter, any player who shows signs of upside is worth a look.

I don’t ever remember seeing a position as weak as this year’s tight ends. There are only a couple guys left on waiver wires worth a shot like Vance McDonald and Herndon. Give the Jets’ tight end a look if you didn’t take my advice and draft O.J. Howard. Also, next time take my advice.

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