Saturday - Mar 6, 2021

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GAME DAY: Weather Warning

It is going to be a miserable day for football in a lot of games. You should take a close look at your lineups as a lot of these games will be impacted by the weather. Long balls, like to Mike Evans or Tyreek Hill for example may be limited and kicking games will be impacted. The five games that appear to have the worst conditions forecast are:

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville
Windy with a chance of rain. 20 MPH sustained with gusts up to 30 MPH.  The passing and kicking games will be negatively affected.

Green Bay at New York Giants
Snow, sleet, freezing rain, it will be a constant change during the game. This one could get bad due to the slippery and messy conditions.

Oakland at Kansas City
Cold and windy. Not only will there be gusts over 30 MPH but the wind chill will be in the 20s.

New York Jets at Cincinnati
Sustained winds up to 20 MPH with gusts over 30 MPH.

Washington at Carolina
We’re a little less concerned about this game but it will be gusty. We expect a possible negative impact on the kicking game but do not expect too much of a problem for the rest.

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