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Because Not All Matchups are Black and White

Team Rankings (T = Total, R = Rush, P = Pass)
Injury Status (O = Out, D = Doubtful, Q = Questionable, P = Probable)
– Expect a Monster Week
– Good Starter
– Solid Starter
– Emergency Starter
– Hope You Are Not This Desperate

Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs – Thursday 8:20pm

Los Angeles Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite: Kansas City Chiefs by 3.5
Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs 34 – Los Angeles Chargers 27

Houston Texans at New York Jets – Saturday 4:30pm

Houston Texans

New York Jets

Favorite: Houston Texans by 6
Prediction: Houston Texans 27 – New York Jets 16

Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos – Saturday 8:20pm

Cleveland Browns

Denver Broncos

Favorite: Denver Broncos by 3
Prediction: Cleveland Browns 23 – Denver Broncos 20

Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills – Sunday 1:00pm

Detroit Lions

Buffalo Bills

Favorite: Buffalo Bills by 2.5
Prediction: Buffalo Bills 16 – Detroit Lions 13

Dallas Cowboys at Indianapolis Colts – Sunday 1:00pm

Dallas Cowboys

Indianapolis Colts

Favorite: Indianapolis Colts by 3
Prediction: Indianapolis Colts 27 – Dallas Cowboys 26

Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals – Sunday 1:00pm

Oakland Raiders

Cincinnati Bengals

Favorite: Cincinnati Bengals by 3
Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals 23 – Oakland Raiders 20

Washington Redskins at Jacksonville Jaguars – Sunday 1:00pm

Washington Redskins

Jacksonville Jaguars

Favorite: Jacksonville Jaguars by 7
Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars 17 – Washington Redskins 6

Tennessee Titans at New York Giants – Sunday 1:00pm

Tennessee Titans

New York Giants

Favorite: New York Giants by 2.5
Prediction: Tennessee Titans 27 – New York Giants 23

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears – Sunday 1:00pm

Green Bay Packers

Chicago Bears

Favorite: Chicago Bears by 5.5
Prediction: Chicago Bears 23 – Green Bay Packers 20

Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings – Sunday 1:00pm

Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings

Favorite: Minnesota Vikings by 7
Prediction: Minnesota Vikings 23 – Miami Dolphins 13

Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons – Sunday 1:00pm

Arizona Cardinals

Atlanta Falcons

Favorite: Atlanta Falcons by 8.5
Prediction: Atlanta Falcons 27 – Arizona Cardinals 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Baltimore Ravens – Sunday 1:00pm

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Baltimore Ravens

Favorite: Baltimore Ravens by 8
Prediction: Baltimore Ravens 26 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers – Sunday 4:05pm

Seattle Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers

Favorite: Seattle Seahawks by 6
Prediction: Seattle Seahawks 23 – San Francisco 49ers 20

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers – Sunday 4:25pm

New England Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite: New England Patriots by 3
Prediction: New England Patriots 27 – Pittsburgh Steelers 24

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams – Sunday 8:20pm

Philadelphia Eagles

Los Angeles Rams

Favorite: Los Angeles Rams by 9.5
Prediction: Los Angeles Rams 34 – Philadelphia Eagles 20

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers – Monday 8:15pm

New Orleans Saints

Carolina Panthers

Favorite: New Orleans Saints by 6.5
Prediction: New Orleans Saints 27 – Carolina Panthers 23

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