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It all comes down to this, friends.

If you’re reading this, then odds are you’re still alive in your IDP (Individual Defensive Player) league (Or a masochist. Or stalking me. That’s fine. I don’t judge. Well, stalking is stretching it, but I appreciate the attention.). And if you’re still alive, then odds are at the end of this week only one team will be — and that team will be champion.

Oh yeah.

You really shouldn’t need an inspirational speech (or anything) to get you jazzed for a title game, but if you do I have you covered.

If that doesn’t make you want to run through a wall, check your pulse — you might be dead.

PRO TIP: Don’t try running through a wall. It’s not going to end well.

If you’ve made it all the way to the championship game, then odds are also good that you don’t need help from the waiver wire. If you’ve been piecing together a defense from the scrap heap and made it this far, then congratulations are most assuredly in order.

But some fantasy owners in shallow(ish) IDP leagues stream defensive players, and injuries happen. So, this week’s “IDP Waiver Wire” will include one matchup play at each of the three main positions.

Of course, those injuries happen in deeper IDP leagues too. And replacements are that much harder to find if more players are rostered. So, this article will also contain an option with a relatively low ownership percentage with a puncher’s chance at a solid Week 16.

Finally, because the action in dynasty leagues never really stops (and because I’ve been asked several times by readers) this final edition of the “IDP Waiver Wire” will also include one player at each spot of interest mainly to dynasty owners. I also may do an all-dyno “Waiver Wire” column at some point next week once we’re past the holiday.

I hope this article was at least somewhat useful to you this season. Best of luck to you in the finals, and, just in case you don’t read my other columns here at Fantasy Sharks, I hope you and your families have a joyous holiday season.


MATCHUP PLAY: Michael Bennett, DE, Philadelphia: Bennett’s been battling a bad foot much of the season, but as Jeff Kerr wrote for 247 Sports you wouldn’t know it from watching him play.

“He’s very, very productive rushing the passer and he’s been active and made some big plays,” Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said.

Bennett was shut out on the stat sheet in last week’s big win over the Los Angeles Rams, but savvy IDP owners will look past that doughnut to the juicy home matchup with a Houston team that ranks near the top of the NFL in sacks allowed and fantasy points surrendered to defensive linemen.

DEEPER LEAGUE PLAY: Sam Hubbard, DE, Cincinnati: Hubbard made an appearance in this very column as an emergency play, and made this writer look at least moderately competent by tallying two sacks in a win over Oakland. Hubbard was also on the field for 61 percent of Cincinnati’s defensive snaps — his second-highest snap percentage of the year.

With another favorable IDP matchup on tap Sunday against Cleveland, the former Ohio State star will have a good shot at adding to his six sacks for the season.

DYNASTY PROJECT: Tyquan Lewis, DE, Indianapolis: Per Zak Keefer of the Indy Star, Lewis shined in Indianapolis’ Week 15 win over Dallas.

“The rookie out of Ohio State, sidelined by injury the first half of the season, finished with the first two sacks of his career Sunday,” he said. “He’s just the ninth rookie in (Indianapolis team) history to have multiple sacks in a game. Lewis’ rapid development across the second half of the season has been striking, boding well for the future of the defensive line.”

Lewis must be making an impression on the Indianapolis coaching staff — he tied Denico Autry and Jabaal Sheard for the highest snap count among defensive linemen. If Lewis’ snap count remains that high, more sacks are going to come, especially once he gets a full offseason under his belt.

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