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KEEPING AHEAD: Halloween Special!

I’m dressed up as Matt Patricia today.

Tomorrow I am going to be a “Rocker Troll” from the movie Trolls 2.

Friday? Michael from “The Good Place.”

And last but certainly not least, Heath Ledger’s Joker on Saturday.

Can you tell I love Halloween?

It’s truly one of my favorite holidays. Forget the candy, the decorations, and the B-list horror movies. For me and my wife, it’s all about the costumes. The chance to dress up as superheroes, villains, literary characters or the embattled coach of your favorite NFL team.

Funny thing is, NFL players dress up all the time too, we just may not notice it. See, superheroes do a nice job of hiding behind their aliases so you may not get to see who they truly are when danger comes calling. But there are clues …

DK Metcalf is … The Flash

Please tell me you saw this play on Sunday. If not, a quick review.

Arizona’s Budda Baker intercepted the ball at the goal line and took off for the endzone. He reached a top speed of over 21 MPH on this run and nearly scored … except for the gigantic wide receiver named Metcalf who ran just over 22 MPH and caught him despite starting several yards behind him. It was one of the most impressive and heroic plays you’ll ever see a receiver make, especially when you consider the result: Arizona took over inside the Seattle 10-yard-line and failed to score a single point.

Tom Brady is … Iron Man

Tony Stark has no superpowers. He can’t jump high, run fast, lift anything heavy. What he does have is incredible intellect and the ability to compile resources around him to make up for his own deficiencies. Iron Man stockpiles weapons, surrounds himself with talent and those more powerful, and leads them to victory when a clear, albeit loud, voice is needed. Sound familiar?

Oh, and he looks good doing it.

Derrick Henry is … The Hulk

Six-foot-3 and 247 pounds should not move the way Derrick Henry moves. Watch him in the open field or stiff-arming Josh Norman into irrelevancy. There is not a time that you watch him play that doesn’t seem like your TV is somehow broken, like a “the camera adds 10 pounds” type illusion except that somehow in a sport of giant men, Henry looks bigger than all of them. Paint him green and just hope you don’t make him angry.

Le’Veon Bell is … The Riddler

Since he left Pittsburgh, has anyone had any idea what to expect of Bell? He still uses his “wait behind the line” technique as if he sees something we don’t, and yet continually seems to get foiled in accomplishing his plan. Now he finds his way out of New York, lands with Kansas City, and … sort of does nothing? But just when you least expect it, Bell will return again, ready to terrorize Gotham City. Oh, does Kansas City play the New York Jets this weekend? In New York? Uh oh …

Aaron Rodgers is…The Green Arrow

Seventeen touchdowns to two interceptions on the year. And both interceptions were in a horrid loss to Tampa Bay. But other than those two blemishes, no one has the pinpoint, effortless accuracy of Rodgers. Yes, he is a bit of a loner, and seemingly surrounds himself with a cast of nobodies (Davante Adams excluded) but when the game is on the line, is there any doubt that Rodgers will hit a bullseye? Didn’t think so.

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