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KEEPING AHEAD: Late-Season Scenarios

Let’s not waste any time here. Frankly, it’s Week 9, not much left anyways.


… you need to be looking ahead at schedules, handcuffs and replacements. Yes, your players have gotten you to this point and for that you can congratulate and celebrate them. But what good does Dalvin Cook’s Week 8 performance do for you if he flames out in Week 1 of the fantasy playoffs, or … gasp … is injured a week before they begin?

This is why you need to buy insurance for your team. Make sure that every position has a quality replacement player. Check good matchups for your defense. Drop that project receiver and pick up a handcuff or two. The only way your season is getting derailed at this point is if you plan poorly. For reference, here are some good and bad matchups Weeks 14-17:


Good: Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Nick Foles, Jared Goff.

Bad: Josh Allen, Tua Tagovailoa, Deshaun Watson, Matt Ryan.

Running Back

Good: Derrick Henry, David Montgomery, Aaron Jones, Adrian Peterson/D’Andre Swift, Melvin Gordon/Phillip Lindsay.

Bad: Nick Chubb/Kareem Hunt, James Conner, Ezekiel Elliott, Kenyan Drake/Chase Edmonds, Chris Carson.

Wide Receiver

Good: Chris Godwin/Mike Evans, Cooper Kupp/Robert Woods, Terry McLaurin, Jamison Crowder.

Bad: D.J. Moore/Robby Anderson, Jerry Jeudy, Julio Jones/Calvin Ridley, DeVante Parker, DK Metcalf/Tyler Lockett.


Good: Dallas, Buffalo, Washington, Seattle, Arizona.

Bad: Indianapolis, Miami, Atlanta, Kansas City, Denver.


… you need to make one additional BIG move via trade. Maybe this is improving your quarterback. Or consolidating two players into a single blue-chip stud. Whatever the case, you need to be thinking of a way to make one more splash move before either the trade deadline happens or you are completely knocked out of the hunt.

In this case, I would check with any owners of elite players who have struggled as of late, and see what they’d be willing to do in a trade for them. Think Michael Thomas, Lamar Jackson, Ezekiel Elliott, and the like. Chances are, the owners of these players may be struggling and are just over owning them.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for a genuine bonafide stud who has produced so far. Davante Adams or DeAndre Hopkins may seem unattainable, but given the right situation and offer, anyone can be moved. Now is the time to inquire.


… stockpile those keepers like a squirrel burying a nut. There are two parts to this equation, each of which are equally important:

  • Give yourself options! The more keeper options you have for next year, the less likely you are to fall victim of a new draft pick, injury or trade screwing up your highly prized keeper prospect. Even if you can only keep two players each year, try to go into the offseason with 3-4 guys you would be totally happy to keep. Over-prepared is simply prepared in keeper league football.
  • Block your opponents! Having keeper prospects on your roster at the end of the year is a surefire way to make sure they aren’t on anyone else’s for 2021. So what if you can’t keep them all? Make like a Pokemon trainer and catch ‘em all anyways.

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