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DRAFT DAY: Late Round Gambles

The beginning of the draft is the foundation of your team. Those first few picks will create a frame that you spend most of the draft building upon. The majority of your picks will create the structure you framed. The late rounds are the weird looking garden gnome or flock of flamingos of your team. There are no wrong answers, only guesses and gambles.


The only reason you need to go early on a quarterback is you are in a super-flex or a league with crazy quarterback scoring. Stock up on receivers, running backs, and tight ends early and then move on to quarterback.

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

If Cousins falls to the 10th or 11th rounds he will be a bargain. He has great receivers and has had the extra time build a rapport with them.

Nick Foles, Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles put up some decent fantasy games last year and he is, well you know, Blake Bortles. Foles is a significant improvement. Foles is available in the rounds where teams are drafting defenses and could end up being the sneakiest steal of the draft.


Running Back

Mike Davis, Chicago Bears

Davis is the exact kind of guy you stick on your bench and hang onto. If Montgomery struggles in pass protection, or there is an injury, Davis becomes a viable fantasy starter. He is going at the end of drafts which makes him a perfect draft gamble.

T.J. Yeldon, Buffalo Bills

Yeldon is a deep dive for deep leagues. If you are in a 10-12 team league with 16 – 18 players (including kicker and defense), you should just keep an eye on Yeldon. For players in 16 team leagues with larger rosters those late rounds get rough; you are trying to anticipate a series of events that will make a bench player relevant. Shady McCoy has been fighting injuries over the last few seasons and Frank Gore (who may or may not be mortal) is now old enough to tell Dad jokes without it being weird. Yeldon could be the player that pops in during the bye-week blues that gets you some points.

D’Onta Foreman, Houston Texans

You know that marquee back that is an every-down back for Houston? Me neither. Lamar Miller would have to improve drastically to be worth gambling a 5th or 6th round pick with. If Foreman stays healthy, your 11th round grab could outperform someone else’s 5th round guy.

Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers 

Ekeler will move up the ranks quickly if Gordon holds out on his contract. Use the uncertainty to grab him at a lesser value now.

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