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Welcome to The Lowdown for Week  13. This is my little corner of the fantasy football universe — feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while!

Late-season Shenanigans

Let’s jump right into the week’s big topic: the Chiefs’ release of Kareem Hunt after TMZ released a video of an altercation involving Hunt and a woman in a hotel lobby from this past February. From a football perspective, the big question now is: will another team claim Hunt off waivers on Monday?

It’s important to be clear on a few facts:

  • Hunt was never charged in the incident;
  • The Chiefs released Hunt for lying to them about the incident, not for the incident itself;

I’ve studied this video like it was the Zapruder film. I’m going to be honest here: the video, lacking context, is not a condemnation of Hunt. Before everyone starts calling for my head, look at the video carefully– ignore the titles the media has attached to it, like “Brutal assault of woman” and “Hunt viciously kicks woman…”. Just look at the video. There’s clearly an argument going on (the TMZ video does not include sound)… and there comes a point where the woman says something to Hunt, and Hunt loses his mind. While Hunt is restrained by a couple of guys (and a different woman), the “victim” can be seen taunting Hunt and trying to physically get to him. Instead of leaving the scene, she keeps following him and trying to bum rush him– there’s also a third woman, seemingly a companion of the “victim”, recording the incident with her cell phone. At one point, there’s a scuffle and a man (not Hunt) stumbles into the back of the “victim” and knocks her down (accidentally, IMHO). At this point, the “victim” stands up, seems a bit woozy, and squats down– it’s at this point that Hunt “brutally/viciously” kicks her. But a close look indicates that Hunt pushed her with his foot– to me, more of an action to keep her on the floor, rather than have her get up and start going after him again.

Let’s be clear here: if the “victim” were a man, none of this would be news. This wouldn’t even rise to the level of a bar fight; it doesn’t even come close to the Reuben Foster (for which he was arrested) or Ray Rice incidents (caught on tape clearly beating his now-wife). To believe otherwise is to be either dishonest or intellectually inconsistent (that Hunt can’t react to a woman seemingly hellbent on attacking him physically).

Bottom line: the Chiefs were right to release Hunt for lying to them. But rest assured, Hunt will be playing for another team in the NFL next season (after he likely serves a six game suspension); the only question is whether a team claims him on waivers (where they’d assume his very attractive rookie contract) or whether Hunt signs somewhere as a free agent. I don’t know, but if I’m the Raiders I’d claim Hunt in a heartbeat; it’d be the equivalent of getting yet another first-round pick for 2019.

Of course, my opinion here would change if more facts become public– but for now, Hunt’s release and probable suspension seem like more than adequate punishments. And some team will land a football gidt.


Less Dignity than a Politician

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