Tuesday - Apr 23, 2019

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Fantasy Football News Crawler

It appeared with very little fanfare about a week ago but the Player News crawler is back in operation and can be accessed from the purple “NFL Player and Team News” tab on top of every page.  In reality what we’ve done is a small stroke of genius if we do say so ourselves!  I’ve definitely got to be careful not to wrench my arm out of my socket with all this self back slapping I’m doing. 


The technology itself is cool and we have bigger plans for it including automatically emailed stories whenever a new one is posted on the web regarding one of your players.  That’s coming.  But for now, it stands on its own two feet. 


We know a lot of you go surfing for player news, particularly when you’re thinking about making a trade or evaluating your weekly lineup.  Injury research is always a hassle when making that last minute lineup decision.  If you don’t realize by now, the best source for individual player news is the local paper sites as they focus on their teams like no one else can.  That is where our player news crawler kicks in. 


Every night the crawler scours the football or sports section of every local and national paper and every news service site in existence, checking their pages for news on the players in the NFL.  We take a peek at some fantasy sports news services while we’re at it!


What results is a list of news stories that you can track for your players or for any player to get quickly caught up on your local and national news stories of the day.


This isn’t a tool we purchased; it’s a home grown tool we developed for a specific need.  We own it, no one else has it and we’re extending our fantasy football intelligence gathering capabilities to truly offer a unique service in the industry.  That’s next..


About Fantasy Sharks

FantasySharks.com began in 2003, disseminating fantasy football content on the web for free. It is, or has been, home to some of the most talented and best known fantasy writers on the planet. Owned and operated by Tony Holm (5 time Fantasy Sports Writer Association Hall-of-Fame nominee,) Tony started writing fantasy content in 1993 for the only three fantasy football web sites in existence at the time.