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It’s Week 12 and time is running out. We’ve all got to win these last games to make sure we get into the playoffs. With injuries and the last week of byes we need some help from the waiver wires more than ever. Week 12 is starting and I want to quote my own brother. Whenever we talk about players in the NFL getting kicked off teams he always says, “when a players B.S., outweighs their production, it’s time to cut ’em”.

So what are you waiting for with your fantasy lineup? I know some of you have worthless players who have not helped you at all this year still on your roster. Cut them!

There are lots of good players on the waiver wires, therefore, there is no reason to keep dead weight on the team. Look at this whole debacle surrounding Colin Kaepernick. I know some of you are screaming that he deserves a chances but seriously, ask yourself, why? He would be a backup at best on any team he goes to, and all he is going to do is continue to kneel, which we know makes some portions of this country mad. So, you are saying that a team should take on this player, who won’t even play, that will cost the team money in lost revenue from people not watching their games or buying their gear?

No team should, and no team will. When a players’ B.S. outweighs their production it is time to cut ’em.

He has not improved his throwing one bit. If you watched the tapes that he made, and released himself, you saw a QB who still short arms his throws terribly. You also saw a QB who’s best footage consisted of a 15 yard out route that was a wounded duck to say the least. When a players B.S. outweighs their production, it’s time to cut ’em.

Kaepernick is no different than Tim Tebow. Both have great legs, both led their teams to the playoffs and won games in the playoffs, and both are known for kneeling. One for religious beliefs, one for personal beliefs. Both do not have NFL level arms. As a person who wants to play QB that means there is no roster space available for you in the NFL. Sad but true. Same goes with players on your team. So if you have not done so already, take the next step. Get rid of your baggage and hit the waiver wires. We’ll help you with some advice, so let’s get started, and as always, let’s start with Quarterbacks.


Nick Foles is back for the Jacksonville Jaguars and he looks good. Last week Foles completed 33 passes for 296 yards and two touchdowns against the Colts. Due to his injuries this season Foles is still available in 80% of leagues. This one seems easy. If you have a need at QB you should be looking to pick up Foles right?

On second thought, no.

Yes, Foles did look good right away but don’t be fooled. Foles is the type of QB that will drive you nuts. He has proven to be hit and miss in the past. With this Jaguars offense he should be the same going forward. Foles faces a very tough Tennessee Titans defense in Week 12. This is not a good matchup and you should look elsewhere for you QB needs.

Motown, for example. Detroit is currently playing host to Jeff Driskel. Driskel threw for 209 yards and 2 touchdowns Sunday against the Cowboys. He also ran for 51 yards and a touchdown, making an already nice fantasy game, great. Driskel is available in 96% of leagues and should have the starting position for a few more weeks with Matthew Stafford still out. Stafford is nursing a bad back and could be out for at least a few more weeks and maybe longer. As long as Stafford allows Driskel to drive the boat you should stake claim with him. In Week 12 the Lions face the Redskins which could give Driskel more opportunities to produce big for your lineup.

If Driskel is not your cup of tea then consider Sam Darnold. This is the second week in a row that I’ve mentioned Darnold. At 87% availability, Darnold is looking like a QB that should find a spot in any owners lineup that needs the help. Darnold completed 19 of 30 passes for 293 yards and four touchdowns last week against Washington. It was one of the better QB outings of the week. Darnold has almost 800 yards and 6 touchdowns over the last three weeks. This next week should keep the ball rolling when his Jets face Oakland in Week 12. He’ll get the job done for you if you have a gap at QB.

Running Back

If your need is at running back then maybe you are considering Gus Edwards. Baltimore’s Edwards is available in 86% of leagues. He ran for 112 yards and a touchdown in the Ravens’ 41-7 win over the Texans on Sunday. In Week 12 Edwards will find himself in a Monday night game against the Rams. Many owners have been toying with the idea that Edwards is a strong pick up candidate. On second thought, I believe Edwards should be passed up. He had a great game for sure, but many of his points came on a 63-yard touchdown run with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Edwards has not seen double-digit carries since the first week. He is clearly the back-up to Mark Ingram II, and that makes him too inconsistent for your lineup.

Inconsistency should not be a problem for the Colts’ Jonathan Williams. Williams took over the reins as Marlon Mack had surgery on his right hand and is out indefinitely. With 100% availability the Colts RB came in for the injured Mack and rushed for 116 yards and added a 31-yard reception as well. The Colts play on Thursday night against the Texans and should lean heavily on Jonathan Williams with Jordan Wilkins still nursing his bad ankle. You could do a lot worse in Week 12 than Williams.

Admittedly, there are some unknowns in that Indianapolis situation. If you don’t trust it then maybe you would trust a highly touted preseason player such as Derrius Guice.

The Washington running back is available in 55% of the leagues out there, most likely due to his long injury that he is now back from. In his first week back Guice ran for 24 yards on seven carries and scored on a 45-yard touchdown reception. He looked pretty darn good. With the coaching staff kicking the tires of Dwayne Haskins it is very possible they are going to do the same with Guice. Adrian Peterson has been getting the lions share of carries but many believe that is going to change going forward this season as Washington showcases their youth to determine what they have.

In Week 12 the Redskins and Guice face Detroit’s bottom-10 rush defense which could bode very well for his owners.

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