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Playoffs? Are we talking about playoffs? Of course we are. We’ll take a look at all the waiver wire haves, and have-nots in Week 14, and help you sort through them all for your fantasy playoffs.

I hope you all made it to your playoffs. Congratulations for those of you that did. For those of you that did not, that’s OK, keep your chin up and let’s see what we can do in Week 14 to keep you from finishing last. In most of my leagues, at this point, we have instituted a loser “award”. If you are the one that finishes in last place you have accept the award for that coveted place. In one league it’s a bedazzled pink license plate frame that says “I suck at fantasy football” that you have to put on your main vehicle for the season. In another league you get an official toilet bowl trophy that has to adorn your office desk all year. I think it’s a brilliant way to keep the consolation bracket interesting and also make sure that everybody keeps playing all the way thru the playoffs.

So again, if you got into the playoffs, congrats, and take a look at the waivers to help solidify your line-up. If you did not, then let’s also look at the wire to make sure you won’t have to do whatever it is that your league does for last place. We all could use the help in Week 14, so let’s get to it, and as always, let’s start with Quarterbacks.


Carolina’s Kyle Allen has filled in for Cam Newton about as well as you could ask a person in his position to do. Last week he threw for 278 yards and 2 touchdowns in their game against the Redskins. He also added 22 yards on the ground with a touchdown for a very nice standard fantasy total. At 86% available it seems that Allen would be a perfect QB to pick off the waivers if you have a need at that position, right?

On second thought, no.

Allen did have a great game. He has had a couple of others as well, but they are few and far between. Some owners have mentioned that he is going against Atlanta in Week 14 which you would think is a good thing. Normal I would agree but if you look at the last time they played, (only 3 weeks ago), they held him to 5.7 points. 5.7 points is terrible, you just can’t risk a repeat of that during the playoffs. I really don’t know why he played so bad against them but the fact is he did, and you can’t risk that in your playoffs. If you have a need at quarterback you should take your need (and talents) to South Beach.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is resuscitating Miami little by little. He, and his 95% availability had a heck of a game this last week. Fitzpatrick threw for 365 yards and 3 touchdowns on Sunday leading the Dolphins over the Eagles. He is the perfect QB to pick up if you have a need during the playoffs. He throws for huge yards. Is currently on a hot-streak and has a great playoff schedule. In the three weeks of the playoffs he faces the Jets, Giants and Bengals. The first of which is the Jets who he torched for 288 yards and three passing scores during their game on November 3rd. You can’t ask for a better playoff schedule than that. Plug and play Fitzpatrick and you should be just fine in the upcoming weeks.

David Blough is basically “Fitzpatrick Light”. The Detroit backup is available in 100% of leagues. With Matt Stafford looking like he’ll be out a few more weeks Blough could be just what you need in Week 14. Blough threw for 280 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Bears on Thursday. He has the Vikings and the Buccaneers in the playoffs, also not bad. The Vikings can be tough but Russell Wilson just lit them up pretty good on Monday night.

Blough surprised everyone with a stout debut on Thursday and could continue to over the next few weeks. It’s a tough time to take a risk on a rookie but if nobody is available and you have a need, you could do a lot worse.

Running Back

So far this season I have been very pleased with the running back representation we have been seeing on the wavier wire for most of the season. Usually running backs are impossible to come by after the first few weeks. But due to injuries and coaching changes it seems that every week we’ve had some pretty good choices at RB. Peyton Barber’s mediocre play gave us Ronald Jones for a few weeks. Now Barber seems to be living up to his potential and he gives us some things to think about on waivers in Week 14. Barber is available in 65% of leagues.

Barber rushed for 44 yards and 2 touchdowns with a 2-point conversion on Sunday against the Jags. The coaching staff said they are going to go with the hot-hand and Barber has been the hot one lately. With that in mind you should definitely be targeting him for Week 14, right?

No, on second thought you should look elsewhere.

Barber’s scoring was all because of his 2 touchdowns. Remember, he only recorded 44 yards. Even though his hand is the hottest right now, the backfield is still a week-to-week committee situation. This is not what you want during the playoffs; steer clear of Barber. If you need a RB look to the other side of the country.

In San Francisco, Raheem Mostert has been turning some heads. The super quick RB is available in 86% of leagues.

I have mentioned him a few weeks in a row now and he still is on most your waiver wires. Come on people, this guy is fast and will score you points, at this point in the season you are not going to find anything better on waivers. Mostert rushed for 146 yards and a touchdown while catching both of his targets for eight yards in Sunday’s 20-17 loss to Baltimore. He is still sharing the backfield with Tevin Coleman. Matt Breida may be back soon as well but with how great Mostert has been playing lately he has earned, and will get, a quality number of attempts.

The next running back I am going to mention is a must pick-up. If you are lucky enough to still have him available you need to go get him right now. At 50% available, half of you reading this can go out and get Derrius Guice.

The Washington RB is an amazing steal if you can still get him, an absolute no-brainer. This is a guy who went in the early rounds of your draft then got hurt. He is now back and can help you in your 1st round of playoffs in Week 14. Guice rushed for 129 yards and two touchdowns Sunday against the Panthers. He also caught two balls for 8 yards in the 29-21 win. He has a nice match-up against the Packers next week. I really can’t stress enough to go out and get this guy if he is available.

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