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Buckle up, it’s the last week.  If you are still playing then you will need to know about the teams that are going to be resting players in week 17, as well as the injuries and late season bloomers out there on the wavier wire.

Week 17 has come.  The whole season has come down to this week.  If you are still going strong, congratulations.  There is a lot to talk about this week.

Resting players in week 17 is very common.  Many teams will be resting their studs.  You will see this if they have nothing to play for because they have already secured their playoff seed. If other games with playoff teams start to get lopsided you will also see teams sitting their studs.  It is just a crazy week in general. There is also a normal amount of injuries and players coming back from injuries this week. You will just have to sift through all of this in week 17 before visiting the waiver wire.

So, with all of that to talk about, let’s go ahead and jump in, and as always, let’s start with Quarterbacks.


Robert Griffin III is a very hot commodity in Week 17. The Baltimore Quarterback will be starting for Lamar Jackson since the Ravens locked down the number 1 seed in the AFC. Coach John Harbaugh ruled out Jackson already so it is Griffin’s job to bring it home this week.  He has a similar playing style to Jackson so it stands to reason that he should produce similar numbers, right?

On second thought, no.  Griffin has a similar playing style but he is not the same player he used to be.

Griffin is available in 99% of leagues.  It is important to remember that he has had quite a few injuries and little playing time.  He is not bad but he also won’t be playing with the starters either. More than likely Harbaugh is also going to sit Mark Ingram and possible Mark Andrews against the Steelers in Week 17. Without the regular starters Griffin doesn’t stand a chance to put up Jackson type numbers.  You are better off staying far away from RG3.

If you need a QB for week 17 then look towards the Big Apple.

Daniel Jones of the New York Football Giants is still available in 74% of leagues. Jones threw for 352 yards and five touchdowns during Sunday’s 41-35 win over the Redskins. Jones set new career highs in attempts, passing yards, and touchdowns in his return to action after missing the last 2 games. He threw 2 of his 4 touchdowns to Kaden Smith in his big time performance on Sunday.  He will be looking to do the same this Sunday against the Eagles in what is looking to be a very big game.

Andy Dalton could also put up some nice numbers for you in Week 17. The Cincinnati gunslinger is available in 95% of leagues and faces the Browns in Week 17. Dalton passed for 396 yards and 4 touchdowns and no interceptions in the Bengals’ 38-35 overtime loss to the Dolphins on Sunday. He also threw a two-point conversion pass and had a two-point conversion run. This may very well be Dalton’s last game with the Bengals.  He may be playing to try to impress other teams into signing him next season.  If this is the case you can probably expect some fireworks from him. It’s usually advisable to start players that are playing for their careers as you will get no less than 100% from them on the field in those weeks.

Running Back

Benny Snell Jr. has been talked about in Week 17 for those owners needing help at that position. We all know what Snell can do it when given the opportunity.  James Conner is banged up and probably won’t play on Sunday. Picking up Snell of waiver is the right move to make, unless you pause and give it a second thought. If you did that you would realize that Snell is not given the keys to the house when Conner gets hurt this season.

Nope, Snell has been splitting the touches fairly evenly with Kerrith Whyte and Jaylen Samuels. Due to this Snell has to remain on the waivers.  You have too many other running backs who can put up numbers for you to mess with Snell.

One of those running backs is Gus Edwards with the Steelers rival Baltimore Ravens. At 95% availability Edwards is going to be the man on Sunday. He will be filling in for Mark Ingram (calf) who is already ruled out against the Steelers. As mentioned earlier I don’t think RG3 is going to be that great.  I believe because of this the Ravens are going to rely heavily on the running game. Enter Edwards who stands a chance to get over 20 attempts in Week 17.  If you have a need this is your guy.  Pick him up and play him with little reservations.

Beast Mode is back! Marshawn Lynch signed with Seattle this last week and he is available in 100% of leagues. Now, don’t kid yourself, he is a risky play.  If you have a need however, Lynch could be a real interesting pick up. Coach Pete Carroll won’t commit to a role for Lynch until he views the veteran RB in practice this week.  So Lynch could end up not playing at all. More than likely though, Lynch will suit up.  I also could see him playing the vulture role for a few touchdowns this week. With all the running backs that are hurt in Seattle right now, and the Seahawks being a strong playoff team, Carroll will want to get him in, when he can, to shake the rust off and prepare him a much as possible for the playoff run. Due to that I could see Lynch getting goal line work and that leads me to believe we may see a touchdown or two from him. He could be a complete bust but he could also be a very sneaky Week 17 pick.

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