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I love Week 4. Week 4 is the most exciting week in football every year for a myriad of reasons. The first and foremost being it’s one of the best weeks for fantasy football.

Why is it one of the best? First, you have three weeks of data to go off of now. The bad teams are no longer fooling you, and the good teams are starting to rise to the top. The questionable players are showing what they are made of, as are the studs. All teams are still in the hunt but some are completely behind the eight-ball while some are firmly in the drivers-seat.

I guess it all comes down to the fact that everybody still has a chance but there is a ton of clarity now forming around the season. Couple that with the fact that it is the last week of full schedules before the bye weeks start and it makes for my favorite week in the NFL year-in and year-out.

With that in mind, it is also one of the most important weeks in fantasy football for all the same reasons. This is why hitting the waiver wire smart and hard this week is a necessity. Going into Week 4, there are definitely some players you need to look at and others you need to forget. Let’s discuss them all further, and, as always, let’s start with quarterbacks.


Did you see the highlights of Josh Allen’s amazing victory over Minnesota on Sunday?

He was exciting, he looked great and he is going to be a big target on the waiver wires this week. I get why people would be flocking to this guy, but on second thought I don’t believe he is a quarterback you want in your lineup anytime soon. You have to remember the most important piece of the Allen puzzle: he plays for Buffalo. Buffalo just doesn’t have enough play-makers to make any quarterback viable. The win this weekend over Minnesota was nothing short of amazing, and fans have much to be happy about, but that does not translate to fantasy stats.

Do yourself a favor if you have a need at quarterback and grab a play-caller who is on a viable team and can get you points every week.

Andy Dalton just may be that quarterback. Dalton is still available in half of leagues and is still sitting on a good offense on a good team that is going to give you good numbers every week. He is currently a Top 10 quarterback and is most likely available in your league. He’s got plenty of weapons and an offensive scheme that makes it almost impossible for him not to score at least a couple of touchdowns each game. Dalton threw for 352 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday. He is certainly going to put up numbers every week. If you can live with the occasional game where he will throw multiple interceptions, he is a must have in your lineup.

Baker Mayfield shocked the world on Thursday night. I don’t know if I ever remember that much buzz coming out of a Thursday night game in the history of the NFL. The buzz was for good reason too. Mayfield electrified the team and the crowd by coming from behind to beat the New York Jets by throwing for 201 yards in one half of football. I typically don’t like rookies but he was exciting. He has a live arm and he has a fairly decent team with some fairly decent weapons, and he plays in a division that will constantly keep him needing to push for points. Mayfield gets Oakland in Week 4, which should give him the opportunity to come right out of the gates with a big fantasy game.


Wendell Smallwood showed up big time for the defending champs on Sunday when he ran the ball 10 times for 56 yards and a touchdown. Both Corey Clement and Jay Ajayi have been banged up, which is why Smallwood has gotten in the games lately. With one or both of those running backs coming back Smallwood’s touches will drastically decrease, making him far to risky to bother wasting your waiver wire sport on.

However, if it’s running back help you need, Aaron Jones just may be able to deliver for you.

Available in half of leagues, Jones rushed six times for 42 yards. That may not seem like much but it equals 7 yards per carry. This is a modest start for sure, but it was a nice start to get him back into the speed of the game. He gets to go up against Buffalo next week and with a banged up Aaron Rodgers who could probably use some help from his backfield, Jones could prove to be a great pickup.

Alfred Morris is another quality pick up for the running back position this week. He is running strong and is available in 45 percent of leagues. Morris got 14 carries and used them to cap down 67 rushing yards and a touchdown. With Matt Breida getting banged up, Morris, who we all know has the talent, will get some opportunity to showcase that talent. Proceed with caution though, as Morris did sustain an ankle injury in Sunday’s game but it seems like one that will be fine by game time next week. The same cannot be said for Breida and his injury, which, if it causes him to lose time, his time will most likely go to Morris.

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