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Some players completely blew up in Week 5 and some players completely forgot to show up in Week 5. Were your players the latter? If so, maybe you need to hit the waiver wire.  Let’s take a look at who could help you in Week 6.

Did your team ball out or leave you bawling this week?  I know I had a couple of leagues that made me feel like I’d just watched Old Yeller, not football. I had players that continued to ghost my fantasy roster.  Hello?  Mike Evans?  Hello? So, I guess it’s back to the drawing board for some of us.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying you should drop Mike Evans, but if you are like me, you may need to attempt to get some kind of spark on your roster.

You also could be suffering from the four bye weeks this week in the Bills, Bears, Colts and Raiders.

Worse yet, you could have brought it on yourself by making mistakes in your line-up.  If you found yourself on the losing end of some fantasy mistakes this week don’t worry, you weren’t the only one. I witnessed an owner start Melvin Gordon over Austin Ekeler in a league and the same owner started Mr. Gordon over D.J. Chark in a second league. OK, yes, that owner was me, I was a little excited to finally have Gordon back okay? The point is, mistakes were made.

For every unlucky fantasy owner in a given week there is an equally lucky one. I’d like to be positive and believe that it all balances out in the end, but it doesn’t. I don’t mean to be a downer but let’s just be honest.  Life never promised you it was going to be fair. Life never even promised you a remotely even ground. If you want something, you’ve got to take it, and that includes a little bit of luck.

I mentioned last week that luck favors the prepared, and if you do your homework and use your waiver wire position sparingly you will find yourself getting “lucky” more often than not. With all the injuries going into week 6, and the previously mentioned bye weeks there will be a serious need for all four positions this week from the waiver wire.  Let’s see if we can’t shake a little luck out of the waiver tree.

As always, let’s start with..


Andy Dalton is very interesting.  The Bengal QB is available in 81% of leagues and with the exception of Week 4 has put up very respectable numbers the other four weeks.

Last week Dalton threw for 262 yards and 2 touchdowns. He plays on a team that is constantly behind so he needs to throw a lot. It seems that he would be the perfect candidate to grab off the wires if you have a QB need right?

On second thought, no.

I usually love a QB on a team that is constantly chasing points. The problem with Dalton is that over the next three weeks he faces the Ravens, Jags, and Rams. That’s just nasty. He won’t be chasing points the next few weeks, he’ll be chasing smelling salts on the sidelines after getting beat up so bad. The risk of Dalton not having much of an opportunity to score along with the risk of fumbles and interceptions he will face makes it a situation where he is best left out of your line-up for a few weeks.

However, Kirk Cousins can fill your QB need very nicely.

Cousins is available in 75% of leagues.  He just came off a week where he threw for 306 yards and added 2 touchdowns to his box score. Cousins finds himself facing a tough run defense in the Eagles in Week 6. He also finds himself facing an Eagles secondary that is banged up right now. This has made it much easier for opposing quarterbacks to find success against them this season. Cousins should have little trouble finding Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs in Week 6. This means you could find some luck with Cousins on your roster. Plug and play him with little worry.

Gardner Minshew is another QB that you can plug and play in Week 6 with almost no worry.

The former Washington State Cougar has been showing the NFL exactly what most of us from the east side of Washington State has known for a while. This guy is very good and fun to watch. Against Carolina this week Minshew threw for 374 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He is still available in 81% of leagues.

In Week 6 he leads the Jaguars against a Saints team that is similar to the Eagles; a stout run defense but very inconsistent secondary. The Saints secondary is surrendering over 23 points per game to opposing QB’s. All of this adds up to Minshew having yet another big week. Unless you have one of the top QB’s you should not just be grabbing him for a bye week fill in. You should be grabbing him and considering making him your full time starter.

Running Back

There has been a lot of water cooler buzz about Arizona’s Chase Edmonds. He has got the goods and David Johnson’s back tightened up on him during their Week 5 match up with the Bengals. In a very thin position wouldn’t it be safe to say that Edmonds needs to be picked up?

On second thought, no.

If you have Johnson and you have a roster spot then it would be a smart move. Other than that scenario you would just be wasting a roster spot right now. Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury mentioned monitoring Johnson all week. That does not mean he is going to sit him. Even though Edmonds is available in 97% of leagues I still think that it’s just not worth the risk.

Some weeks you get the obvious no-brainer and it is so nice when that happens. You don’t need to think or anguish over anything, just pick the guy up and put him in your line up. Of course there are never any guarantees that it will work out but at least this one person stands out above all others. We have that situation in week 6 with Jon Hilliman from the New York Giants. Hilliman has a great shot at being the bell cow for the Giants this week. With Saquon Barkley still out with his ankle injury and Wayne Gallman in the leagues concussion protocol, we may find ourselves with neither of them available for the Giants on Thursday night. Hilliman is available in 99% of leagues.  He has an absolutely terrible match up in week 6 when they face the Patriots in a short week. This does not mean that he won’t be serviceable. With the lion’s share of touches, and a team that likes to run, he is definitely worth a flyer.

From a fresh new player to an aged veteran.  Adrian Peterson is still available in 52% of leagues. I know that he has not started the best this season for fantasy purposes. If you have watched the games though, it is fairly obvious that he still has some juice in the tank. He runs well and hits the holes hard and this week he faces the most beautiful sight any fantasy owner could see in week 6 of 2019, the Miami Dolphins. If I was to mention how bad the Dolphins run defense was I would be mistaken for even calling that thing they put on the field against opposing offenses a “run defense”. It is terrible and if Peterson was ever going to show flashes of the past it will be in Week 6.  If you have a RB need he should provide you with the perfect bye week fill-in.

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