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The NFL is crazy in Week 6 with scheduling changes and Covid. With the actual bye-week part of the season in full swing you need help from the waiver wires more than ever. That’s what we are here for.

The Patriots, Saints, Raiders and Seahawks are on byes this week.

That is a ton of fantasy production not in action in Week 6. Add to that the potential for more postponements due to Covid and you could be in desperate need for waiver wire help. Week 6 will not disappoint. There are still some good players out there to take advantage of the waiver wire. The waivers are increasingly getting thinner however, so you need to jump on the opportunities that are still out there. Week 6 needs your attention so let’s take a look at what is out there, and as always, let’s start with..


There is not going to be a name talked about more this week than Andy Dalton. At 99% available the former Bengal is now in charge of the Dallas Cowboys offense after Dak Prescott suffered a season ending injury. He is a former pro-bowler, and has been to the playoffs multiple times. He now heads one of the best offenses in the NFL. Everybody is scrambling to get him off of waivers and you should too.

On second thought.. no.

Look, I want Dalton to succeed. Cards on the table, I am a life-long Bengals fan. Therefore I am pulling for the guy. I have to tell you though, he will drive you nuts and cost you games. I’ve watched him for years. I rooted for him for years, and I could not figure him out for years. His inconsistency isn’t game-by-game, it is series-by-series. He has the nickname Bad Andy for good reasons. He’ll be going along just fine and then, whoops, Bad Andy comes out and throws a pick or fumbles the ball. You already saw this a little bit when he fumbled the ball away which lost the lead for the Cowboys in the fourth quarter. That is just the tip of the Bad Andy iceberg. Mike McCarthy already confirmed he will be the starter going forward. He will probably keep the Cowboys in the running and most likely get them to the playoffs. As a fantasy QB however, all I can tell you is he will break you.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a lot more promising as far as fantasy goodness goes.  At 80% availability he can still be picked up in most leagues as well.

Fitzpatrick had a great Sunday completing 28 passes for 350 yards and three touchdowns; he also ran for 16 yards on three carries. Fitzpatrick looked great this weekend. He now has 300 passing yards in three games this season and faces a nice match-up in Week 6 against the Broncos. He is a nice pick-up and will be a great help for anyone needing a QB replacement.

Nick Foles is available in 91% if leagues and can really help you through these tough weeks if you have need at the QB position.
Foles threw for 243 yards with a TD in Chicago’s 20-19 win over the Buccaneers on Thursday. He is really keying on Allen Robinson these days, but it does seem to be working for him. The thing about Foles is that his floor is really high. He is a “Steady Eddie” who is going to give you quality numbers. He may not blow your socks off with super high scores but he will give you consistent quality numbers. If you have a need at QB but you don’t have to have the crazy Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson 35 point games then Foles may be your man.  He will definitely get you past any bye weeks or short term injury needs.

Running Back

Every year we start to get to that point of the year where I have to point out that the RB position is getting tough to find help at. In Week 6 you would expect to be hearing that from me. However this year is a little different. Due to injuries we still potentially have some great RB options on waivers.
As long as Washington is playing in a negative game script, which will be often this year, J.D. McKissic should have good fantasy value. In Week 6 McKissic is still 85% available in leagues. He caught six passes for 48 yards against the Rams on Sunday. If you need Week 6 waiver wire help you should pick him up.
On second thought.. no.
Washington’s other RB Antonio Gibson got the majority of the workload. There is no reason to think that he won’t continue to get the majority of the workload. In Week 6 they get the Giants which will see them not needing to pass as much. This means that McKissic will be utilized very little going forward. Unless you are in a super-deep PPR league you need to look elsewhere for RB help.
Minnesota anyone? Alexander Mattison is only available in 58% of leagues.  However you NEED to see if he is available in your league.  If he is you better hope you have waiver priority. Mattison took over for an injured Dalvin Cook on Sunday. He carried the ball 20 times for 112 yards while adding 3 receptions for 24 yards. He is an instant plug-and-play if you can get him. Couple that with the fact that Cook might be back as early as this week and I just didn’t feel he’d be worth the waiver wire position.
Then I had to admit how short sided that is. Assuming Cook will not come back this week you would have a Top 10 RB in Week 6. If Cook nurses this for a few weeks you would have a Top-10 RB for that amount of time. If Cook re-injures himself you would have a Top-10 RB for the remainder of the season. Also if you get him and you do not own Cook, once Cook comes back, I guarantee you can trade him to the Cook owner at a price higher than his actual value. It’s wins all the way around if you grab Mattison, so go get him if you can.
Last week I mentioned D’Ernest Johnson, and this week he is still available in 71% of leagues. That is understandable as he was playing the Colts. In hindsight it was even smart as he only recorded 32 yards rushing and 1 catch against the Colts. Going up against the Colts tough D I can understand why you would elect to leave him on the waiver wire. There is no excuse in Week 6 however. They are playing the Steelers which is another tough game but they should find themselves in a negative game script so he should get more passes for you.  Also, they will be playing the Bengals the week after, so you will probably not be able to get him next week. Now is the time to grab Johnson if you have a need at RB, next week will be too late.

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