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I decided to switch things up a bit coming off of last week’s trade deadline special. From now I am going to look at the last two weeks and point out some players who have been on the rise as of late. This way I can pinpoint players who could be a help to those of us who have bye week or injury issues. Also I expect that this will help to identify trends and get away from listing the same old names. So these are the red zone target leaders for weeks 8 and 9.

Rank Player Team Scoring Opportunities RedZone Opportunities
Opps Touchdowns Opps Touchdowns
1 NEP 5 2 5 2
2 TBB 4 2 5 2
3 PIT 3 3 4 1
4 TBB 4 1 4 0
5 DAL 2 1 4 1
6 MIN 2 1 3 1
7 ARZ 2 1 3 1
8 Hilton, T.Y. IND 3 0 3 0
9 Buf 1 0 3 0
10 JAC 1 1 3 1

When we take a look at just the last two weeks we see a few names that jump right out at us. The first one that stands out is Cordarrelle Patterson and his five red zone targets. This is a little deceptive because all of this production is due to the fact he has been playing running back the last two weeks. If Sony Michel is out again this week, Patterson could be a solid flex play this week but if Michel is back, stay away.

When looking at Adam Humphries and Amari Cooper I see two players who have the potential to be consistent performers. Tampa Bay is the No. 1 passing offense in the league and Ryan Fitzpatrick likes to spread the ball around. Humphries is a good wide receiver and could see an expanded role if DeSean Jackson or Chris Godwin slip a little. As far as Cooper goes, you know he is going to be force fed the ball early and often in the Dallas offense. As long as he can cut down on the drops (which have always been a problem) and Dak Prescott can deliver the ball, Cooper should put up consistent fantasy numbers.

Kelvin Benjamin and Dede Westbrook are two players who play with terrible quarterbacks. If Josh Allen comes back this week, Benjamin may be able to capitalize on his red zone opportunities but Westbrook is stuck with Blake Bortles for the rest of the season so stay away.


Rank Player Team Scoring Opportunities Redzone Opportunities
Opps Touchdowns Opps Touchdowns
1 CAR 8 2 13 4
2 NEP 9 3 11 3
3 NOR 7 5 10 5
4 PIT 6 3 10 2
5 CLV 5 1 8 1
6 IND 2 0 7 0
7 DAL 4 0 6 0
8 Morris, Alfred SFO 1 0 6 0
9 TEN 2 1 6 1
10 SEA 3 1 6 1

When I wrote about Patterson I said that his production happened because Sony Michel was out. That is not the case for James White. I feel that James White is the Liam Neeson of running backs … he has a certain set of skills that he has acquired over his career that make him a nightmare for defenses. His chemistry with Tom Brady is undeniable and he is a threat every week to put up huge points.

Nick Chubb has continued to see his opportunities increase every week. He still has to contend with Duke Johnson but he is solidifying his role more and more. It is safe to start discussing him as a steady RB2 on most teams.

The next two players I highlighted are my all show no substance running backs … they have a whole lot of opportunities but do they really count when you can’t cash in. I am excluding Elliott from this list because of his talent but if the trend continues another week he may be joining the list. Alfred Morris and Nyheim Hines have a combined 13 red zone opportunities and nothing to show for it. Most of us see the writing on the wall in Indianapolis and have already moved on from Hines and picked up Marlon Mack but Morris is a different problem. With Raheem Mostert on Injured Reserve and Matt Breida always getting injured, Morris may be in line for more work. The numbers show that even with the extra work it may not amount to anything of substance.



Rank Player Team Scoring Opportunities Redzone Opportunities
Opps Touchdowns Opps Touchdowns
1 DEN 4 2 5 2
2 Kelce, Travis KCC 4 3 5 3
3 TBB 4 3 4 3
4 HOU 4 3 4 3
5 MIN 3 0 3 0
6 GBP 2 1 3 1
7 BAL 1 0 3 0

For me the player that stands out is Jordan Thomas. Not only is he getting a good amount of red zone targets but he is making the most of them by scoring on 75 percent of those targets. He has scored in each of the last two weeks and should build on his momentum.

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