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Whoa baby! When things change, they change big! Already, we’ve had our fair share of questionable reports. Is Julio Jones ready to play? Is Stefon Diggs fully healthy? Is Jared Goff the next Tom Brady? We’re gonna look at a few with a lot to gain and a couple with a lot to lose.


Duke Johnson, RB, Houston

Let it be known, the Texans have hated Lamar Miller since the day they inked him to a long term contract and took him away from the Miami Dolphins. They wanted to get out, even though he gave them everything they should have expected. The preseason injury not only gave the Texans what they wanted, but it may have also vaulted Duke Johnson into Superstar territory. Previously only known as a third down back, his rushing totals at least hit the 4.0 mark that all fantasy enthusiasts seek. With the acquisition of a high end left tackle and vastly expanded opportunity, there is a chance that Duke Johnson becomes the unforeseen MVP of the 2019 draft.

Deshaun Watson, QB, Houston

It’s not possible to rank a rising Texan and not mention Watson. So much has gone right in such a short period of time, it’s actually impressive. Do we love Kenny Stills? No. Do we love giving up two first round picks for Laremy Tunsil? No. But we do like when a plan comes together. They lost Lamar Miller and a backup plan in place with the previously mentioned Duke Johnson. THEN, they scored a solid downfield threat and one of the best LTs in the league. Could it be that Houston is playing chess while the other 31 teams are playing checkers? Tough call. But it is nice to see a team help us bridge the gap between the first and second QB off the board.

Tom Brady, QB, New England

Chris Hogan is in Carolina. Rob Gronkowski retired. The Patriots starting LT is now blocking for Derek Carr in Oakland. That’s a lot of negatives to count against a former NFL MVP. He has been nothing but discounted and negated throughout the entire 2019 fantasy process. But, here we are. Suddenly, Josh Gordon is reinstated. Julian Edelman is back healthy and his thumb is doing just fine. Demaryius Thomas not only likes his role with the Patriots, but he’s willing to get cut and then re-sign instead of going back to Denver. That’s some very telling stuff right there. Brady is certainly not the same QB that we saw go with ease for over 50 scores. But it still upsets the stomach to see how much earlier people are willing to draft Dak Prescott and Lamar Jackson. Brady has enough going to improve on his ADP.

Short and Sweet – Tyrell Williams, WR, Oakland Raiders

By the sounds of things, Antonio Brown‘s early tenure with the Raiders isn’t going all that great. If he does get a suspension, that suspension would take out all that guaranteed money, and have Brown on the lookout for his third team in the last two weeks of play. If that’s the case, Tyrell Williams would become the top WR for the Derek Carr quarterbacked Raiders.


Damien Williams, RB, Kansas City

All Andy Reid said all preseason was that he wanted to go with a RBBC approach. But all drafters did was overreach. Just when they thought they landed some serious value, LeSean McCoy has to go ahead and poop all over everything. This backfield is so crowded it’s impossible to predict a consistent contributor. Damien Williams has fallen from a borderline second round draft pick to barely being roster-worthy. He could salvage some value but as of right now things are looking pretty bleak.

Keenan Allen, WR, L.A. Chargers

We get it. He’s a very consistent WR1 in PPR formats. He’s the main man for Silly Philly Rivey to lock on to. But hasn’t this guy not practiced since August. That means, that people lost their collective minds over seeing if Stefon Diggs had a torn hamstring because of one limited practice but no one is wondering if a month of missed time is a problem? Seriously, show us an outlet that has reported a single full practice over the last 45 days. How is that possible? With Melvin Gordon out of the picture, this team is going to have to move the ball downfield. Not for little-bitty 3 and 4 yard pick ups, but for 10 and 12 yard conversions. Sounds like we may be into Mike Williams territory folks.

Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks

Wilson may have been the most over-drafted player of 2019. His lead receiver is both sub-6 feet and less than 190 lbs. While on his own, Wilson remains a hell of an athlete but we don’t see a lot of his teammates helping pump his numbers. Last we heard, Will Dissley wasn’t able to go anywhere near full go. Wilson is going to rely too heavily on check downs to the backs, long balls to Tyler Lockett, and rushing yards for himself. We love the guy as a person, but we fail to see the overall fantasy value.

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