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Here at “Risers and Fallers,” we’re typically are the ones who offer up answers for questions or situations that most find difficult. What can we say, it’s a gift. But every so often, we find ourselves just as dumbfounded as everyone else. Certain players who should perform, don’t. Certain players who should be afterthoughts, keep cashing in. We’re just as confused as you. At the usual fantasy regular season halfway point, we figured, it would be best to ask the questions and let the players answer for themselves. Feedback in the tank is always appreciated but in Week 8, we’re going to ask the players a question and see how the numbers answer us back.

Baltimore at Carolina – Michael Crabtree
What exactly do we have in the long time ago former WR1? Is he the waste of talent in a bad situation like he was in the early days with San Francisco? Or is he the premier option at the outside who simply suffers from inconsistent quarterback play, like when he was with Oakland? He’s leading the position in drops at an insane rip but he’s also done enough to continue to deserve a high level of fantasy consideration. Who is Michael Crabtree? Can Joe Flacco do enough to keep not one but TWO options heavily involved or has this turned into the John Brown show? Crabtree needs to step up in a bad spot against Carolina to earn love from owners.

Seattle at Detroit – Kenny Golladay
Remember when Golladay was the best thing since sliced bread? Hall of Fame players at the position swore up and down that Golladay was the next best thing; over the first three games of the season, Golladay was a gem. He was holding tight as Matthew Stafford’s favorite weapon and owners were pleased. He averaged more than six catches a game and had two touchdowns. Since then, he’s averaged closer to three catches per game with half as many touchdowns. So, this begs the question: WHO IS THE REAL GOLLADAY? Is he the 6-foot-4 monster on the outside that Hall of Famers claim is the next best big thing? Or is he an overhyped third-round pick who, even when healthy, fails to meet expectations? Anything less than 100 yards and a score against Miami will have Golladay dropping.

Washington at New York Giants – Adrian Peterson
How effective can a 33-year-old running back in a dumpster fire offense really be? Well, so far so good for Peterson as he’s averaging 4.3 yards per carry on a team that forgot to build an offensive line while also forgetting that wide receivers and quarterbacks are also important. Peterson has no one to help him out and he’s still running north for another successful campaign. So the question becomes: Is Adrian Peterson capable of being immune to the old “avoid runners over 30” rule? Is he also immune to the “avoid 300 touches” argument. Is Peterson, in fact “all day,” or is he more of a matinee senior discount?

Indianapolis at Oakland –Derek Carr
Well, well, well … what do we have here? It appears that Oakland coach Jon Gruden isn’t afraid to clean house on offense in the same manner he’s eager to strip the defense of options. It’s true, Amari Cooper wasn’t the most consistent receiver during his tenure with Oakland. But, he did have more than 1,000 yards in both of his first two seasons and is still only 24 years old. He also had two games this season of more than 100 yards, not an easy feat. So, is Gruden right to ship off all the highly talented supporting cast members, or is he investing in a lost asset? Can Carr get by with an over-the-hill wide receiver like Jordy Nelson, or did it take the duo of Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper to make his stock soar? There’s a lot of questions with Carr.

San Francisco at Arizona – David Johnson
As it turns out, not using your teams’ best player has a negative outcome. While Johnson has been criminally underused, he didn’t show enough to earn his offensive coordinator getting fired faster. Now, we have Byron Leftwich calling the shots. A mobile quarterback type who has zero experience calling offensive plays. The question becomes: Will the former quarterback lean his favoritism towards his former position or did he see enough out of Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor to know that defense and running backs is the fix all formula? Johnson’s value is on the rise but it could very well bottom out based on the success of the new Arizona offensive coordinator.

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