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It’s Week 11 and it’s Veteran’s Day week. Our U.S. military almost assuredly has a better record than most of us do. Let’s jump in and see what the waiver wires are currently offering to help set us up for the fantasy playoffs.

At we know you were Born Ready, so Aim High and be among the Few, the Proud and show us that you are Army Strong. Your league championship trophy, which was probably Forged by the Sea, awaits you. Yes, that was every current military branch motto. Thank you to all our Veterans for your service. I’ll Be All that I can Be this week to give you the best advice to help you get a win in Week 11.

This is a huge week as we are nearing the end of the season. Whether you are a veteran or a civilian you probably could use some help in Week 11. With the Packers, Giants, Seahawks and Titans on byes there are probably a few holes in your line-up. Holes that we need to fill in order to get into the playoffs. There are just three weeks until fantasy playoffs. Just three weeks to get the wins needed to sign your ticket into the post-season. Three weeks to separate yourself from those two ugly words that are a gut punch to any fantasy football owner — consolation bracket.

Maybe you have been decimated by injuries? It’s also possible that you are the team that everybody has had their best week against. Either way it does not matter. If you are close, keeping trying, this is a weird game and anything can happen. It sounds cliche to say anything can happen but it’s true. Every year I am swearing up and down that this is the craziest year I’ve ever seen in fantasy football. I realized that every year can’t get increasingly weirder and harder to predict can it?

Well, maybe not. Let me ask you this, do computers and cell phones get faster and better every year? If you are like me you barely have enough time to figure out all the intricacies of the newest equipment you recently purchased before it is obsolete. The manufactures want it that way. It is the way they keep you coming back as a customer. They want to make sure their product is always fresh and exciting. So does the NFL, it seems that in the last 5 to 10 years the NFL has been making more and more rules that favor offense. With these rules in place it makes it much easier for guys that are not Hall of Fame caliber players to have great single games, great runs of games and even great full seasons. Due to this, one of the NFL’s favorite sayings, “Any Given Sunday”, now applies to fantasy football more than ever.

So, don’t give up, it’s only Week 11. If you haven’t noticed, that juggernaut team that nobody used to be able to beat has a couple of losses this season. All it takes is that team suffering one of those losses during the playoffs and your league championship is up for grabs. For example, my wife might have one of the best teams I’ve ever seen. In our 8-team family league, her team boasts a starting line-up of Deshaun Watson, Christian McCaffrey, Nick Chubb, Mike Evans, Michael Thomas and Zach Ertz and for her flex position she chooses between Damien Williams, Derrick Henry, Kenny Golladay and Jarvis Landry just to name a few. That is no joke, that is the lineup she put together completely from the draft and waivers, she has made no trades at all, and the craziest part is, with that lineup she still has three losses and is sitting at 6-3!

Like I said, any given Sunday.

So, let’s get you prepared for this Sunday with your week 11 match-up and set you on your way to the playoffs. As always, we’ll start with quarterbacks.


Mitchell Trubisky, “Da Bears” starting Quarterback is available in 80% of leagues. That is surprising since he is a capable quarterback in a big football city. He has had a rough go in the beginning of the season but seemed to turn it around this last weekend. Trubisky completed 16 of 23 passes for 173 yards and three touchdowns in Chicago’s 20-13 victory over the Lions. With a slow start and a low yardage total he still managed a nice game with three touchdowns. After this nice outing the water cooler chatter has included his name among players to target in Week 11.

On second thought, no.

Players in cities like New York, Chicago and Dallas seem to get more chatter than players from smaller cities. I get it, he’s from Chicago, he had a big game and now you are hoping that he has turned it around. He has not. This was only the 3rd time this season that he has thrown a touchdown in a game. He has not surpassed 253 yards passing in 2019. Trubisky is just not having a season that would warrant having him on any roster right now.

If you have a need at QB look to a city that people like to pass over. Cleveland’s own Baker Mayfield is chugging along and he has a beautiful schedule starting in Week 11. Mayfield threw for 238 yards and 2 touchdowns on Sunday and is available in 55% of leagues after many owners gave up on him. Baker has a great backfield duo now in Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt to keep the defenses honest against him. Better yet, six of their last seven games are ripe for good outings.

In that 7-game stretch Cleveland goes up against the Steelers twice, the Bengals twice, Arizona and Miami. You could not ask for much more than that. He has a great offensive unit, a backfield that will keep the heat off of him and a cherry schedule. He just might be the sneakiest QB pick-up of the last half of the season.

If Mayfield is not available then it would be OK to look at another big city quarterback. This time we are talking New York. Sam Darnold of the New York Jets has shown signs of fantasy life as of late. With the exception of the stinker he laid against the Patriots, Darnold has played well since returning from injury. He threw for 230 yards and a touchdown, with 25 yards rushing and a touchdown on Sunday. He is still available in 88% of leagues going into Week 11. Darnold had a clean game on Sunday which was something we had been watching for. Previously he had committed 8 interceptions over three straight games which is enough to make anyone nervous.

It seems as if he and the Jets have calmed down and turned a corner. Coming up for them is the Redskins which should also prove to be a nice outing for him and the team. If you have a need at QB you could do worse than Darnold in Week 11.

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