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Week 11 is here, which means there are only three weeks left until the fantasy playoffs. You only have three more chances to put wins on your record to get you into the postseason. This week was crazy just like the rest of the year has been but this year is not disappointing at all for fantasy. In Week 11 you have got a lot to consider with byes, injuries and illnesses.

There are four teams with byes this week. Buffalo, Chicago, the New York Giants and San Francisco are all off in Week 11. There is no doubt you will need some help off the waiver wire this week.

So let’s start looking into what and who is out there for the taking, and, as always, let’s start with..


Kirk Cousins got his first ever Monday Night win. The 10th time was the charm for the Minnesota quarterback who beat Chicago, 19-13. Cousins, who is still available in 86 percent of leagues, threw for 292 yards and two touchdowns. He is hot right now, playing for a good team and faces Dallas in Week 11. Dallas is about as nice as a matchup as you could ask for as a quarterback. If you need a quarterback he is the one you want to grab off of waivers.

On second thought.. no. No, he is not.

Cousins got a nice win on Monday for sure. He looks solid behind his Minnesota offensive line. However, he is anything but dependable as a fantasy quarterback. Nine of his 17 touchdowns this season have gone to one player, Adam Thielen. That is great if you are have Thielen on your team, but not if you have Cousins on your roster. He is too dependent on one receiver and besides, with Dalvin Cook, Minnesota is a run-first offense anyway. Cousins is just too big of a risk, especially when there are lots of quality quarterbacks still out there.

Take for example, Jameis Winston. Winston is available in 99 percent of leagues and admittedly has not always been my favorite quarterback. This is a different story though, as Winston is now behind the high-octane New Orleans offense. I am assuming that Winston will beat out Taysom Hill for the starting position and to inherit all those receivers and that running back. He could honestly stumble around and lose the game and still fall into 20 fantasy points. New Orleans has a very friendly matchup in Week 11 against Atlanta. If he wins the position in Week 11 he should be an automatic add for any Drew Brees owners, any owner who needs a bye week fill-in, and most two-quarterback league owners.

If you just don’t know about Winston and aren’t willing to take the plunge, then go grab Tua Tagovailoa. Last week I said it was his time and I was right. This week he is still available in 68 percent of leagues and it will be your last chance to get him. Why? Because his matchups for the next three weeks, the last three weeks of the regular fantasy season, are as follows: Denver, the New York Jets and then Cincinnati. Seriously, could there be a better schedule leading into the playoffs for a quarterback The short answer is, no. Last week Tagovailoa completed 25 passes for 169 yards with two touchdowns in Miami’s 29-21 win over the Los Angeles Chargers. That is three wins in a row for Tagovailoa to start his career and it is very possible with the upcoming schedule that he will start his career 6-0. If you need a quarterback, you should grab him now and ride the next three weeks into the playoffs.

Running Back

If you need a running back, Nyheim Hines just recorded his third game this season with 17 or more non-points per reception (PPR) league fantasy points. That is incredible for a guy splitting the backfield with two other quality running backs. He is available in 60 percent of leagues, which makes it an easy decision for you to grab him off of waivers, right?

On second thought, no. It’s actually not.

Hines absolutely had a great game again. He rushed for 70 yards and a touchdown, and caught five balls for 45 yards and another touchdown. He sure seems like the perfect prospect but there are a couple of things to remember about Hines. This game was his first of the season with double-digit carries (12) and it’s safe to say he should trend back down to single digits. He plays for Frank Reich who is difficult, at best, to figure out when it comes to running back usage. Lastly, Indianapolis plays Green Bay in Week 11. If I had to bet, I would say that Indianapolis will find themselves in a negative game script which does not bode well for running backs. Hines is not the man for you.

Miami’s Salvon Ahmed just might be. Ahmed is available in 93 percent of leagues and looked like a true starting running back on Sunday. Ahmed rushed 21 times for 85 yards and a touchdown. He also caught one pass for 5 yards in Miami’s 29-21 win over the Los Angeles Chargers. Ahmed earned the starting position the week before against Arizona. He played a great game this week and earned the spot next week as well. The only thing you will want to watch for is if Matt Breida comes back from injury. If he does, you want to temper your expectations for Ahmed. If Breida does not play, however, Miami goes up against Denver which is a very nice match-up for Ahmed.

He may be too risky for you. If so, then go get Kalen Ballage. The Los Angeles Chargers’ new feature back is available in 70 percent of leagues and has been the man in Los Angeles for the last two weeks. In those two weeks he has accumulated 33 carries, 137 yards and a touchdown with seven receptions for 49 yards. Those are numbers with which you can live by. This past Sunday he had 68 yards on the ground and 34 in the air with five receptions. He faces the New York Jets in Week 11 which should have any fantasy owner licking their chops. It will be short lived as Austin Ekeler should be back soon, but until then, enjoy the ride.

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