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Week 14. The playoffs for many and you made it! Hopefully it was for the regular playoffs and not the consolation bracket. However, if you did end up in the consolation bracket let’s make sure you own it. If you are in the regular playoffs, you know it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you are the first seed or the last. It’s fantasy football, anything can and does happen. All you need to do is play your studs who got you there and if you have any holes in your lineup then you need to patch them. How do we do that? With the waiver wire, of course. There are still some players out there who can help you in your playoff run. Some can help for just one week in the playoffs and some could propel you through the whole thing. So, let’s get to figuring out who can help us in our respective playoff bids, and, as always, let’s start with..


Jalen Hurts is causing all sorts of talk among Philadelphia fans and the fantasy community. It is true that he came into the game on Sunday and replaced Carson Wentz. It is true that he almost sparked a comeback. It is also true that because he is from Philadelphia this is causing a lot of drama. Many managers believe they can capitalize on all this drama by landing Hurts off of the waiver wire. At 98 percent available he is there for the taking in most leagues.

On second thought.. No. Let someone else take him.

Hurts did get his first passing touchdown when he threw for 109 yards and a touchdown in just a little more than one quarter of play. However, you have to realize that the Philadelphia offense is not a great one. Hurts has no experience and Philadelphia is playing New Orleans next week. Frankly, I don’t understand the hype. He is so off the radar that I would not have even mentioned him had he not had so much buzz.

If you do have a need at quarterback going into Week 14, look no further than Teddy Bridgewater in Carolina. Bridgewater is available in 75 percent of leagues. There are no great stats to report on from this week as he was on a bye but, that is the good news as he had an extra week to get healthy. This week should also see the return of Christian McCaffrey. That’s right, McCaffrey should be back which should only help Bridgewater as he catches so many high percentage passes. Denver is the matchup in Week 14 for Carolina which also favors Bridgewater and his fantasy prospects. All in all it looks to be a very nice week for Bridgewater and Carolina. His ceiling may not be crazy high, but his floor is, so pick him up with confidence.

Philip Rivers is another quarterback you can pick up with confidence and the veteran Colts gunslinger is available in 84 percent of leagues. Rivers had a very nice game on Sunday when he threw for 285 yards and two touchdowns during Sunday’s 26-20 win over Houston. Rivers is averaging almost 290 yards a game for the last three games, a span in which he’s thrown for seven touchdowns. To say he’s hot right now is an understatement and in Week 14 he goes up against very fantasy friendly Las Vegas. Hopefully you do not need quarterback help in the first week of fantasy playoffs but if you do grab Rivers for sure. He’ll be able to help you.

Running Back

Alfred Morris showed up on Sunday like a ghost from the past. The New York Giants running back, who is still available in 99 percent of leagues, had 39 yards and a touchdown and had a catch for a touchdown as well. With Devonta Freeman hurt and the Giants suddenly in the driver’s seat of the NFC East, it just might be the time to pick up Morris.

On second thought, no.. do not even think about it.

Morris looked great on Sunday but was out-touched by Wayne Gallman, 16-9. Gallman is the lead back and Morris will not repeat this type of day the rest of the year. Add to that the fact that there is a good chance Freeman will be back and you have a recipe for disaster if you use Morris. If you pick him up, you will be strictly relying on him vulturing a touchdown or two. That lighting will not strike twice in two consecutive weeks. If you have a need at running back, look to the other New York team instead. Ty Johnson of the New York Jets had a heck of a game on Sunday. He rushed for 104 yards and a touchdown and caught two passes for 13 yards. The Jets running back is available in 99 percent of leagues. He only got thrust into the limelight because Frank Gore got put into concussion protocol, there is a very good chance that Gore won’t have the time needed to clear concussion protocol by Week 14’s deadline. If that happens Johnson could be a great week 14 surprise pick up at the running back position.

If you like someone with a little more experience, how about Adrian Peterson? The Detroit running back has been strong lately and is available in 64 percent of leagues. Peterson ran for 57 yards and two touchdowns on 16 carries during Sunday’s 34-30 win against Chicago. D’Andre Swift was out for his third consecutive game paving the way for Peterson to get the majority of the workload in the backfield. Peterson has run for 112 yards and four touchdowns in the last two games. As long as Swift does not make it back for Week 14 you need to pick up Peterson. He is on fire and finding the end zone, which is a great combination.

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