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Week 15 is here and many of you are trying to get yourselves into your league’s championships. The rest of us are trying to just not finish last, especially those of us in leagues that punish the losers.

There were injuries and breakouts this week, similar to what we have been seeing all year. With players like LeSean McCoy, Ben Roethlisberger, Lamar Jackson and others getting hurt this weekend, there are many of us owners who could use the waiver wires in Week 15. There are also many of us who could use some time off on a relaxing island, but since that isn’t going to happen any time soon let’s talk about the waiver wires, and, as always let’s start with quarterbacks.


Lamar Jackson has been getting a lot of talk around the proverbial water cooler this week. He is one of the most picked up players over the last few weeks, yet he is still available in more than half of leagues. Jackson has been on a tear lately, which has included standard league scoring games of 15, 20, 16 and 18 points in the last four weeks. His injury should not carry over into Week 15 so he should be good to go. This means you should want to pick him up off of waivers, right?

On second thought, you may want to pump the brakes on Jackson. He does have an easy opponent next week in Tampa Bay, however, he hurt himself last week and did not finish the game. Joe Flacco is most likely going to be ready to go in Week 15 and the talk from coach John Harbaugh is that he will be splitting time between the two quarterbacks. No owner in the playoffs can afford a quarterback who is splitting time. No matter how much he does with the time he is in, you need to stay away from Jackson in Week 15.

Josh Allen, on the other hand, is an owner’s dream come true.

Not only is this guy still available in 83 percent of leagues, he will give you 100 yards of rushing every week. It’s like a video game watching him play. This weekend he threw for 206 yards and ran for 101 yards and a touchdown. This was his third week in a row of doing that. Buffalo plays Detroit in Week 15, which should be another video game performance for the rookie quarterback. If you are light at all in the quarterback position use your waiver claim and pick up Allen for the final stretch. You will be glad you did.

Nick Mullens is another quarterback who has been on fire lately.

Mullens, who is available in 93 percent of leagues, had a nice outing on Sunday when he threw for 332 yards and two touchdowns against a very stout Denver defense. He plays Seattle in Week 15 which you would think is a bad thing, except he just played Seattle in Week 13 and he threw for 414 yards and two touchdowns. So even though Seattle is playing good ball right now, Mullens could be the sneaky pick up of the week. It is a bit risky but it could totally pay off if he has another nice outing against Seattle and this time he is on his own turf.


If you need help at running back, Damien Williams name has been tossed around a bit this week. The third string Kansas City running back had a great day on Sunday when Spencer Ware got a little banged up and coach Andy Reid decided to turn to Williams for the majority of the backfield duties the rest of the day. Williams obliged Reid by getting in the end zone twice on 30 yards from scrimmage and four receptions. This is why many owners have been talking about picking him up this week but I urge you to think twice on that.

Ware is not out and most likely will play this weekend. Even if he does not, Kansas City plays the Los Angeles Chargers, who have a great run defense in a game that is more important for the Chargers than it is Kansas City. The Chargers have to have this win if they want any chance of challenging Kansas City for the division.

You would be better off turning to Marcus Murphy if you need the running back help.

Murphy found himself in the position of being Buffalo’s only healthy running back after both LeSean McCoy and Chris Ivory wound up injured in last weekends games. Murphy did not have a big outing this last week but if he is the only running back in the lineup going up against a not very good Detroit defense he could end up having a great week. He is available in 99 percent of leagues and could also be a real sneaky pick in Week 15.

Elijah McGuire also was the recipient of many more touches due to injury. Isaiah Crowell hurt his foot on Sunday and McGuire had to take over in the backfield. McGuire ran for 60 yards and a touchdown and caught three passes for 23 yards as well.

The New York Jets play Houston this week, which on the surface seems bad for any person in the backfield but you have to consider that most likely the Jets will be behind and McGuire can catch out of the backfield. He could easily end up having a nice fantasy day due to garbage plays and minutes. Points are points. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. McGuire is available in 88 percent of leagues and could give you some nice production this week.

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