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The first round of playoffs are in the books and you are still alive. Of course you are, after all, you’ve been reading all season. So let’s take a look at the moves you should make and the moves you should not in Week 15.

You need to start your studs in Week 15. They are who got you there and you need to trust in them, but what happens now if you have Greg Olsen or Derrius Guice, among others? The answer is easy, you either have someone on your bench or you desperately need the waiver wires. If you fall into the latter category I’ve got good news for you, you are still “in it.” This is a good thing going into Week 15. If you are not then we need to talk about what you should do. Whether you are still “in it” or just trying not to finish last, Week 15 is a huge week in the fantasy playoffs. My hope is that you have a good team that was able to overcome all the issues this season and are still in the playoffs, but you are looking for ideas on who can help you the rest of the way through. Well, that is what we at are here for.

So as usual, let’s dive in, and, also as usual, let’s start with quarterbacks.


Drew Lock tore it up this week for Denver. He threw for 309 yards and three touchdowns in Sunday’s win over Houston. He also ran for 15 yards as well. Lock is still available in 99 percent of leagues and has been fairly hot lately. Lock completed 22-of-27 passes for 309 yards, three touchdowns and an interception in Sunday’s 38-24 win at Houston. He is now 2-0 as a starter and things are looking great for him. That makes him a virtual “Lock” (I’m so sorry about that, but I had to) for the waiver wire clams, right?

On second thought, no.

Lock does just have two games under his belt. In Week 15 of the playoffs you would typically want someone a little more seasoned than that. If you have the need he may seem worth the risk but he has Kansas City in Week 15 and that is not good. If you happened to see what Kansas City was able to do against Tom Brady this last week. Also, if you have seen how the Kansas City defense has been playing lately in general you would know this is a bad matchup.

If you do have a need in Week 15 at the quarterback position then you have to look to other teams, such as Chicago.

Mitchell Trubisky is still available in 81 percent of leagues. I’ve told you over the last few weeks to grab him as he is really heating up. Trubisky completed 23-of-31 passes for 244 yards with three touchdowns in Chicago’s 31-24 win over Dallas on Thursday. He also rushed 63 yards with another touchdown, to make for one heck of a fantasy game. Trubisky is really starting to play well and it is at the right time of the year for that. The third-year pro turned in his third great outing in a row. The Chicago play caller now has nine total touchdowns in the last three games. Week 15 will be much of the same when Chicago faces Green Bay in what is guaranteed to be a good game.

If you are on the waiver wire in Week 15 looking for a quarterback then the buck really needs to stop at Trubisky if he is still available in your league.

If he is not then maybe Ryan Tannehill is. The Tennessee quarterback is still available in 63 percent of leagues and has also been hot lately. Week 15 should not be any different. Tannehill threw for a whopping 391 yards, three touchdowns and 19 rushing yards in the team’s Week 14 win over Oakland. This has been normal for Tannehill lately. He’ll probably keep the good vibes going in Week 15 when Tennessee faces Houston, who has not been a very tough matchup lately. In fact the aforementioned Drew Lock torched Houston this week, which tells me Tannehill should do the same.

Running Back

As far as running backs are concerned, Oakland’s DeAndre Washington looked great this week. At 99 percent available many might be considering picking him up after his game with 53 rushing yards, 43 receiving yards and a touchdown.

I could certainly understand why you would consider him, but on second thought, no.

Washington is not your answer in Week 15. He did have a good game this last week but Josh Jacobs will be back from his shoulder injury next week. Jacobs will be back, which means Washington will be relegated to a minimal role once again. His numbers just can’t be trusted in Oakland right now. If you have a need at running back during the second week of the playoffs this is a serious situation. You need someone that will get you points and has a medium- to high-floor.

San Francisco running back Raheem Mostert is your man. Mostert is still available in 75 percent of leagues and tore up the stats against a very good New Orleans defense this past week. Not to say I told you so, but I did. Mostert rushed 10 times for 69 yards and a touchdown. He also had 40 receiving yards and another score on two receptions. That is one heck of a fantasy outing. My only worry last week was his touches as both Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman figured to be back. They both did come back, but neither really figured into the games. It seems that the San Francisco coaching staff is going with the hot hand and the hot hand happens to be Mostert right now. In Week 15 I believe his hand will continue to be the hot one. San Francisco plays Atlanta, which is a great matchup for Mostert. Expect much of the same and start him with confidence if you pick him up this week.

If you have a running back need and can’t get Mostert, turn to an old reliable: Adrian Peterson. Peterson has been giving you a high floor and high ceiling his whole career and Week 15 will be no different. The Washington running back is available in 56 percent of leagues. He rushed for 76 yards and a touchdown on Sunday. Derrius Guice left the game early due to a knee injury. Peterson ended up seeing a true lead-back numbers because of this. He ended up with a nice fantasy game because of it. Peterson has a nice Week 15 matchup against Philadelphia if Guice is forced to miss time again, which as of right now seems like a coin toss.

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