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Week 15. Playoff Week 2. Are you still in it? If you are, congratulations. As you know there is still work to do. The champion has not been crowned yet. When the time does come to crown the champion, you need to be in the running. To be in the running you just may need some help this week. Whether you had a player suffer an injury or Covid-19, or whether you have been streaming a position, we need to get Week 15 right. With no room left for error this season, we need to take a look at the waiver wire to see where you can get help if you need it. So let’s dive in and see where we can find help, and, as always, let’s start with..


Jalen Hurts sparked Philadelphia on Sunday in his first NFL start. He threw for 167 yards and a touchdown, and ran for 106 yards and another touchdown. Coach Doug Pederson already confirmed that he is the starter this Sunday against Arizona. With production like that, many managers are scrambling to snatch him up off of waivers. At 91 percent availability in most leagues you should too, right?

On second thought, no. You’ll be scrambling your brains if you do.

Hurts did look great running the ball, but it was his first week. We’ve seen this before. Arizona is a tough team and has a full week to prepare for Hurts, and not for nothing but Philadelphia as a team is not all that dynamic this season. What I am trying to say is the sledding is going to be much tougher for Hurts this week. You do not want an unproven commodity steering the ship in a lose-and-go-home week like Week 15.

If you want an easy pick up that will do well for you at the quarterback position, look to Baker Mayfield. The Cleveland quarterback had another great night on Monday night in a loss to Baltimore. Mayfield threw for 343 yards and two touchdowns and also ran for 23 yards and a touchdown. He has been lights out lately. The great part is if you grab him now you can start him in Week 15 against the New York Giants. Then you can turn around and start him again in the championship week against the New York Jets. Someone in your league should have figured this out by now and grabbed him, but apparently 77 percent of you do not have anyone who has caught on to that as he is available in that many leagues.

Another interesting pick up is Tua Tagovailoa. He is available in 75 percent of leagues, and the Miami quarterback is heating up very nicely. Tagovailoa threw for 316 yards and two touchdowns, and he also added 24 yards and a touchdown for good measure. Tagovailoa and Miami face New England in Week 15. Miami is better than it has have been in a long time. New England is worse than it has ever been in a long time. I have a feeling there may be a lot of pent up anger in this game; I would not be surprised to see Miami run it up a little on New England if able. The coaching staff finally let Tagovailoa cook a little this last week and I believe that is going to carry over into Week 15, big time.

Running Back

Now it’s time to talk about running backs so let’s discuss one of Tagovailoa’s wide receivers. Wait, what?

I’m referring to Lynn Bowden Jr. The Miami receiver is also eligible for the running back position on some platforms and because of this he has many managers talking about grabbing him as a running back. After leading all receivers with seven catches and 82 yards, a 2-yard rush and even a pass attempt, you can understand while he is so tantalizing. He is available in 99 percent of leagues and should garner serious consideration in Week 15.

On second thought, he seriously should not.

Look, he is dynamic, but Miami is for real and don’t rely heavily on trick plays. He is mostly a receiver so if you do not play in a points per reception (PPR) league he will not be worth it to you. If you do play in a PPR then he is more interesting but ultimately is too risky of a venture as he is getting most of his recent playing time due to injury. With every injured player that returns, it cuts into his playing time. He had a great week, but it was just that. Do not go chasing after his nice production; it is not sustainable this season.

Gus Edwards has been hotter than hot lately. The Baltimore running back is available in 82 percent of leagues and any manager who has a need at running back would be foolish not to pick him up. On Monday night Edwards ran the ball seven times for 49 yards and two touchdowns and added a catch for 4 yards. The week before Edwards also ran the ball seven times, but that time he gained 101 yards out of it. He has been playing great ball lately and there is no reason to think that will slow down as Baltimore faces very fantasy-friendly Jacksonville in Week 15. If you get through the week and find yourself in the championship week you will be able to play Edwards against the New York Jets in Week 16. How amazing is that schedule?

Speaking of a great schedule, the next back you need to know about plays Dallas in Week 15. That’s right, Dallas, whose run defense is among the last in the league. San Francisco’s Jeff Wilson Jr. is exactly that guy. At 92 percent availability most of you have a good shot at him in your league. Wilson Jr. ran for 31 yards and a touchdown and caught a pass for 13 yards as well on Sunday. He has been getting a fair share of action in the last four games he’s played and he sees much of the goal line duty. As the primary goal line back on an offense going up against Dallas in Week 15, I believe it is easy to say Wilson Jr. should be picked up by any manager who needs running back help.

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