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Week 3 can’t get here quick enough.  Week 2 is known for big injuries, so it should not be a surprise that many of us need some waiver wire help this week.  On Second Thought is here to provide that help.

Going into Week 3 I’d like to take one last moment to acknowledge Week 2 and kindly tell it that it can kiss my …  sorry, family friendly article here, let’s move along.

Week 1 is known for crazy numbers and one hit wonders. Week 2 is definitely the week of shocking scores and injuries galore. With Week 3 rapidly approaching it’s time to bandage our wounds and get back to the business of my favorite subject:

Not Panicking During a Crisis

If the injury bug bit your line-up or you have starters who are underachieving then let’s take a deep breath and settle down while we discuss what needs to be done to get your line-up back in order. The waiver wire is always the first place to start. So let’s discuss the players that are standing out so far in Week 3 as a must grab, and as always let’s start with Quarterbacks.


Many people are talking about Gardner Minshew.  With good reason, he has thrown for 488 yards and 3 touchdowns in the first 2 weeks. He did this all while filling in for Nick Foles. With a 1-1 Tennessee on the docket for week 3 I’m tempted to tell you to grab him.

On second thought, I wouldn’t go there if I were you.

Minshew’s numbers decreased this week. Next week he will be facing the Titans defense which at times can be opportunistic.

If you are in the market for a QB, which, after the Big Ben/Brees debacle this Sunday I am sure many of you are, I’d look elsewhere, such as my article last week. That’s right, you heard it here first. Last week my article mentioned all three of the top following guys, Case Keenum, Matthew Stafford and Andy Dalton. All three had great weeks.

Case Keenum , who is still 95% available threw for 221 yards and 2 touchdowns against a strong Dallas defense.

Matthew Stafford, who is sitting at 74% available threw for 245 yards and 2 touchdowns. He did this while facing one of the leagues better defense in the L.A. Chargers.

Andy Dalton, who is still 90% available threw for 331 yards and 2 touchdowns against San Francisco.

If you have a need at QB all three of these guys are still most likely available in your league. I suggest them all again for Week 3. Though Keenum plays Chicago in and Stafford goes up against Philly, while Dalton faces Buffalo. Of those 3 it seems Dalton has the best match-up.

Speaking of Buffalo, Josh Allen is playing great these days and is still available in 70% of leagues. The Bills QB threw for 253 yards and a touchdown versus the Giants last week. They face the reeling Bengals in Week 3 which should do nothing to slow down Allen’s hot streak.  You can pick him up with great confidence.

Running Back

Raheem Mostert is the absolute running back darling of the waiver wires.  You’d be crazy not to pick him up after his 83 yards on the ground and 3 catches for 68 yards and a touchdown performance on Sunday wouldn’t you?

On second thought, there’s trouble in the wind for Mostert.

See, Mostert had all of his production while splitting the backfield and it’s touches 3-ways and the 49ers coaching staff are doing nothing to change that, unfortunately.

Mostert does look great and fresh and explosive. He is, however, going to lose touches to the other two backs on a regular basis and in the next few weeks, Tevin Coleman will be back.

If you have room on your roster then most certainly, give Mostert a look as he is 89% available in most leagues but it’s more likely than not that he’s fools gold.

The other elephant in the room, in Pittsburgh (besides the Big Ben season ending injury) is that James Conner was also injured on Sunday but as of this writing, Conner is making every effort to suit up. If he is unable to play, then it puts Jaylen Samuels in line to have a great Week 3.

Samuels is available in 75% of leagues and had a mediocre game Sunday, but if you find you have a need for a person to tote the rock, especially when he’s going to be toting the rock behind Mason Rudolph who will need all the backfield help he can get, then he will make for a great pick up. In that situation, look no further, Samuels is your man.

Every time I try to stick a fork in Frank Gore he makes me look stupid. I said years ago, and I mean years ago, that Gore was too old and losing a step. I will never utter such blasphemy again. Gore, who is available in 84% of leagues ran for 68 yards and 1 touchdown and caught 2 balls for 25 yards.

Gore is hot right now and playing Cincinnati in week 3.  That should make anyone willing to take the risk on grabbing him off of waivers very happy. I don’t know how much time share he will have as the other backs all have a chance of playing next week but really, does it matter, this is Frank Gore we are talking about, and I am humbled every year by his greatness.

Carlos Hyde is an interesting running back who, like Gore, seemed to have people wanting to stick a fork in him just recently.

The Houston running back reminded us of who he is and also reminded us of why Duke Johnson has been having trouble holding off other running backs from his spot his whole career. Hyde, who is available in 55% of leagues got 20 carries on Sunday and used them to run for 90 yards. Most important though was he seemed to make a statement Sunday.  That statement is that he should be the number 1 running back in Houston going forward.  There are people saying that it worked and that we will be seeing much more of Hyde in the future. We know what Hyde is capable of if given the lion’s share of touches, and something else to remember, he still is only 28 years old. Grab Hyde if he is available, he just might find himself on many championship rosters this season.

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Rick joined FantasySharks,com as a staff writer in 2013, though he fell in love with fantasy football in 1988 with the first league he played in. In his articles he tries to feature players off the radar or deeper than most since, in his experience, by the time a player is a waiver wire "must have" they are not usually available in most leagues.

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