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We are now entering the middle two weeks in most fantasy leagues. For most owners the stakes could not be any higher in Week 6. You are either looking for a couple of wins to solidify your place in the playoffs, or you have to get a couple of wins to make the playoffs. Either way we are here to help you with your Week 6 waiver wire claims.
There is a lot to cover so let’s get to it, and as usual let’s start with Quarterbacks.
Jameis Winston is a name that is being thrown around a lot lately as a potential hot pick up. I get it. He has a team that helped the back up, Ryan Fitzpatrick, drop huge days the first two weeks of the year. He is a mobile quarterback as well. He is also available in 88% of leagues. That makes him worth talking about, and if you are in a very deep league he may be the best quarterback available, but looking at the numbers it appears as if there are other quarterback’s out there that could help you more in Week 6.
For example I am going to regurgitate a name I put out there last week, Joe Flacco. Flacco is still available in 80% of leagues and he is the 13th ranked quarterback in the NFL.
If you are searching the waivers for a quarterback my guess is that you do not have a Top 12 quarterback, what are you waiting for? He has a couple of nice match-ups coming up, especially in two weeks when he goes up against the Saints. You know who he is and what he does, if you need help at quarterback you could do much worse. I know, I know, Flacco is just so, Flacco.
You want a little more pizzazz? We can give you more pizzazz and stay in the same division. How about Baker Mayfield?
By now you know who he is and what he is doing in Cleveland, what you may not realize is that he is most likely still available in your league. Mayfield is available in 62% of leagues and his numbers are growing each week. That means his availability is going to be shrinking each week. Last week Mayfield threw for 342 yards and a touchdown in the Browns victory over the Ravens. In Week 6 he goes up against a bottom 10 defense (against the quarterback) in the L.A. Chargers. It is a very nice match-up that you cannot afford to miss if you currently have a need at quarterback. Pick up Mayfield, you will be happy you did.
If it is running backs that you need then many have been talking about Alfred Morris. It makes sense, he is a very good runner and Matt Breita is battling health issues right now, so Morris has been getting more time. Morris is also available in 50% of leagues. The problem is that Breita is still in the lineup and unless he gets completely knocked out the backfield is his. Secondly, in Week 6 the 49ers go up against Green Bay who happens to be a Top 10 defense against the run. You would be better off looking elsewhere.
The Pacific Northwest would be a great place to pick up a running back. There happens to be on there by the name of Mike Davis. Davis is available in 85% of leagues and is the 2nd head of the two headed monster that has become the Seahawks backfield as of late.
Chris Carson had a great game Sunday ripping off 116 yards but Davis was right next to him contributing 68 of his own plus a touchdown and 2 catches for 7 yards. For two weeks in a row Pete Carroll has used both backs effectively and it does not look like he is going to let up any time soon.
The Seahawks have Oakland in Week 6 and the Raiders are a bottom 10 team against the run, so it looks to be another good week for the Seattle running backs.
Wendell Smallwood should be on every owners radar right now.  His touches have been on the uptick the last few weeks and now it was just confirmed that Jay Ajayi is out for the season with a torn ACL.
Smallwood is going to be getting a lot of work for the rest of the season and if you have been watching him as of late that is a good thing. In the past three weeks he has produced over 200 yards of offense with 2 touchdowns and 9 receptions for those in PPR leagues. The production is easily there, and now with Ajayi out, it is just going to increase further.

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