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With all this craziness going on in the NFL, we need some clarity. The waiver wires have some good names to offer up in Week 7, and we’ll explore many of them in this week’s “On Second Thought.”

The craziness continues. More injuries, changed up bye weeks and even more surprise breakouts. This season has given us everything you could ask for in a soap opera. Unfortunately this is fantasy football and not “Days of our Lives.”

So with the updated teams on byes this week being Indianapolis, Minnesota, Baltimore and Miami, we have some things to consider. We’ll consider them carefully as we go through the Week 7 waiver wires. Let’s get into it, and as always, let’s start with…


I’m just going to come out and say it right away, Andy Dalton is my “On Second Thought” for quarterbacks this week. I normally lead up to it but I don’t want any of you thinking for one second that I am suggesting you should pick him up. You saw what he is capable of against Arizona on Monday night. He does that a lot. With that being said, let me point out the following to you. He is available in 74 percent of leagues. Dalton is now in control of a great offense. He just started playing with them, it may take some time. Bad Dalton showed up on Monday, throwing for 266 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions. I am a lifelong Cincinnati Bengals fan and have watched him play more than most and I can attest that more than likely, “Good Dalton” will show up next week. More than likely he’ll have a stellar game and make you think for half a moment that your season is not over. I wish I could do more to help you down the path you are going to take this season Dallas fans, but I cannot. You wouldn’t believe me anyway.
However.. you can dang near take it to the bank that he will have a good Week 7. If you are really hurting and you have the guts, you should pick him up and play him next week right?
“On Second Thought…” no you shouldn’t.
After what we just saw on Monday night? Please just don’t do it.
At 55 percent availability across most leagues, Justin Herbert is a way safer and better pick for Week 7. The Los Angeles Chargers quarterback is coming off a bye week. Herbert has had a week of rest and has now had even more time to work out with his team. In just the last two weeks that he has played he has thrown for 554 yards, seven touchdowns and added 22 rushing yards. Seriously, what more do I need to say? How about this? He is going up against Jacksonville in Week 7, at home. Herbert is in for a big week, period. Pick him up if he is available and play him with confidence.
Jimmy Garoppolo looks to be back an in charge in San Francisco. At 80 percent available he could be one heck of a bargain for you off of waivers in Week 7. Garoppolo fired up hungry San Francisco fans by throwing for 268 yards and three touchdowns in Sunday’s 24-16 win over the Los Angeles Rams. Garoppolo seemed completely back and in charge on Sunday. His team, which was decimated due to injury, is starting to get some of their strong position players back. Things looked bad for San Francisco for a while. With players coming back from injuries and Garoppolo’s ankle injury looking like a thing of the past, it may be time to trust this offense again. This is my way of saying, the car got in a little wreck, it is now out of the shop and running well again. Do not hesitate to jump in the driver’s seat and mash the pedal to the floor. The little engine known as Garoppolo can handle it.

Running Back

At 175 years old, I can’t believe I am still talking about Frank Gore. OK, I exaggerated, the New York Jets running back is only 37 years old. He has also inherited the main duties in the Jets backfield now that Le’Veon Bell is gone. He is also available in 72 percent of leagues. Gore rushed for 46 yards and caught four passes for 24 yards in Sunday’s 24-0 loss to Miami. It may not look amazing on paper but it was his first game back as the main guy. He is bound to get it rolling in weeks to come. He may not give you the ultra-highs you are hoping for but if you need help his floor is very high and he is steady. Gore might be just what you need to plug a hole in your lineup.

On second thought… no.

Gore is just too old to put stock in for your fantasy team. Don’t get me wrong, I would be fine with him as my lead-back in a pseudo committee if I was a Jets fan. I just don’t think he’ll be putting up the numbers that you want out of a starting running back. He is also going up against Buffalo in Week 7, which is some pretty tough sledding. Gore is once again showing us why he will be a first ballot Hall of Famer, but his fantasy production should scare you away enough to look elsewhere. Washington is one place to look if you need help at the running back position.

J.D. McKissic is available in 77 percent of leagues. He goes up against a reeling Dallas team in Week 7. Last week McKissic rushed for 41 yards and caught six balls for 43 yards, giving him a nice outing in a loss to the New York Giants. He plays Dallas in Week 7. Yes, I know I already mentioned that, but I also think it bears repeating. Did you see that Monday night game?

While looking for running back help let’s stay in the NFC East. Philadelphia’s Boston Scott is still available in 90 percent of leagues. Just like all the other NFC running backs he gets the fortune of playing in the NFC East. This means in Week 7 he goes up against the very fantasy friendly New York Giants. Miles Sanders is most likely going to miss Week 7 due to his knee injury.  This will thrust Scott into the lead-back roll, making him immediately fantasy relevant. Now, it should be noted that Scott will be in a semi-committee type roll. However, he should see the lion’s share of running back work which should mean he is a safe waiver pick up for Week 7.

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