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Parody is great in the NFL, but I don’t like it as much in my fantasy leagues, especially come Week 8. I want to win every game every week. Parody is for live football as far as I am concerned. I want to be a dynasty, year in and year out. The best way I have found to do this is, first of all, draft well. After that the most important thing is to maintain your roster weekly. Maintenance for you roster, of course, is done by trading and hitting the waiver wires. Trades you will have to take care of on your own but as far was waivers go, we can help you there.

As usual, going into Week 8, we have new injuries and new names popping up producing good numbers for their teams. Let’s take a look at some of those names and see if, and how, they may fit into your line-up. and as always, let’s start with quarterbacks.


Case Keenum had a terrible day against Arizona this last week. Keenum, who is available in 89 percent of leagues threw for just 161 yards, one touchdown and one interception. However, he had been good prior to that and with Kansas City on the docket for this next week many owners have been talking about streaming him. Kansas City had been abysmal against quarterbacks so far this season, so many think Keenum would be a good move. I do not agree. Keenum does have potential, but Kansas City has some defensive momentum going on right now. Just ask Andy Dalton.

Dalton, who had been a Top 12 quarterback so far this season got held to 148 yards and one touchdown with an interception on Sunday night against Kansas City. The week prior to that the Chiefs held Tom Brady to just one touchdown. It seems that the Kansas City defense is starting to figure stuff out and Keenum will suffer this weekend because of that.

All the help you need at the quarterback position can be found on the waiver wires in the form of Joe Flacco.

I’m going to keep banging on this until you all drop quarterbacks like Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota and pick up Joe Flacco. Flacco is having a very steady season and he is going to continue to do so because of how balanced Baltimore is as a team. There are no quarterbacks on waivers in Week 8 that have as high of a floor as Flacco. He is still available in 65 percent of leagues and faces Carolina this week, which is not a bad matchup as Carolina just gave up more than 300 yards and two touchdowns to Philadelphia this past week.

If you are someone who doesn’t like the steady, solid, yet boring vanilla flavor of Flacco, then let me suggest the flavor of the week:

Brock Osweiler has been looking great lately.

Osweiler is available in 96 percent of leagues and just came off a 239-yard, two-touchdown game against Detroit. Miami plays Houston this week. Houston has been hot lately, but Osweiler knows that team as he played for Houston in 2016. Also, Miami has been fairly hot lately as well; this could be a sneaky good stream this week.

Almost all of us need help at the running back position and with Sony Michel doubtful as of right now, many owners are talking about Kenjon Barner.

James White is obviously going to be getting the bulk of the work but New England coach Bill Belichick likes to run by committee which should lead to Barner getting an uptick in his touches this week. Barner is available in 99 percent of leagues and could be an interesting pick. However, due to the fact that you absolutely can not rely on Belichick when it comes to running backs, it’s just too risky of a move.

If you need help at the running back position, look instead to one of Belichick’s former running backs, LeGarrette Blount.

Blount, who is also in a committee with Kerryon Johnson, seems at first to be a little risky as Johnson gets the lion’s share of snaps. If you look further you will see that since Theo Riddick is hurt, Blount is getting double-digit carries every game and he seems to be getting the goal line snaps as he has recorded three touchdowns in his last two games. Detroit is relying hard on Blount, and his power at the goal-line and he is available in 85 percent of leagues, so to me this seems like an easy decision if you have a need at running back.

Doug Martin might also be worth a shot. If you hadn’t heard, Marshawn Lynch was placed on Injured Reserve this week.

This leaves a large hole in the backfield in Oakland. Much discussion has been had about Amari Cooper being traded to Dallas and how that will affect the offense. If you have watched Oakland games this year, though, you would have seen that he wasn’t much of a presence anyway. Martin and Jalen Richard will most likely run an almost 50/50 split; however, it is Martin who is going to be getting the majority of the runs as well as the goal line work.

Martin is available in 83 percent of leagues. This might turn out to be a flop but at this point in the season a starting running back who is capable of putting up good numbers is a blessing to find on waivers in Week 8. It would be irresponsible as an owner to not at least give it a shot.

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