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Welcome to Week 9. You are now down to a five-game push to get into the playoffs. How are you doing? Are you in the playoffs already? Are you close, or are you needing to win out? No matter where you find yourself, the waiver wires can help you get through these last few bye weeks.

There was definitely roster movement in the league this week with some more injuries and some unexpected names popping up into the Top-20 within their particular positions. We’ll take a look at the most buzzworthy names on the waivers this week and discuss their ability to help you and your team out, and, as always we’ll start with quarterbacks.


Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys are certainly a “buzzworthy” team. Dallas faces Tennessee in Week 9, and Prescott is available in 71 percent of leagues. He has a formidable offense and just got a new toy in wide receiver Amari Cooper before the bye. He should fly off the waiver wire this week right? I say no. Prescott could definitely be a good pick up. He has the potential, however, he has only recorded two games this whole season with two touchdowns. All the rest have been one or less. Tennessee is a sneaky tough defense and I believe will cause problems for Prescott and that offense this week. As I said, he may be a good pick up, but if you really need help at the quarterback position in Week 9 there are other better options out there.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is for sure a better option.

That’s right, Fitzmagic is back. The Tampa Bay quarterback, who is available in 94 percent of leagues, replaced Jameis Winston in the game last week and in a quarter and a half recorded 18 standard league fantasy points. It makes you wonder what he’ll do with four quarters. Well, not really. We already know, don’t we? He should throw for about 400 yards and four touchdowns. Isn’t that what he did when he got the starts before? Any lineup can use that production. Who knows how long he’ll keep the position this time but since we know he has got it in Week 9 you should just go get him and plug him in and ride the wave while it is big. If you are unable to get Fitzpatrick, then look towards the Bay Area and you should fine another good option.

Week 9 will see Derek Carr and his Oakland Raiders go up against San Francisco in the battle of the bay.

Carr is available in 85 percent of leagues and is looking to have another good week this. Oakland traded away Amari Cooper two weeks ago and Carr handled that by putting up his second-best game of the year, passing for 244 yards and three touchdowns against surging Indianapolis. Now he goes in against a reeling San Francisco defense that just gave up 19 standard fantasy points to Josh Rosen. Carr is better than Rosen; he will do very well for his owners in Week 9. Pick him up and play him with confidence.


As far as running backs are concerned, every week finds many owners in need of a good running back and there just are not that many available. This week much of the buzz seems to be hanging around Frank Gore. The veteran Miami running back is available in 75 percent of leagues and is having a solid year. He is getting about 12 carries a game and usually goes for more than 50 rushing yards. The problem is that that is it. Except for one game, he doesn’t get much more than that and he is not scoring at all. He just doesn’t produce enough to be in your fantasy lineup. He is having a very solid real football year, but it is not translating to the fantasy universe. If you have a need at running back consider instead either running back from the aforementioned battle of the bay.

Raheem Mostert (San Francisco) is available in 75 percent of leagues, and even though he seems to be in a terrible split backfield with Matt Breida and Alfred Morris, he shows more promise than either of those two.

It seems obvious just watching the games that the coaching staff wants to give the ball to Mostert. He is young and we just hit the second half of the season, so his carries should pick up and we should see him make a late-season run. This pick is one that is more of a leap of faith from watching the games than anything. San Francisco likes giving the ball to him and even though he is a little banged up, so is Breida. Mostert could be a sneaky pick up for those of you willing to take the chance.

If you would like a more sure thing then just look on the other side of the ball. Doug Martin is still available in half of leagues and is filling in nicely for the injured Marshawn Lynch.

Martin converted 13 carries for 72 yards while also catching two balls for 17 yards in his first game as the main running back in Oakland. There is no reason to believe his workload will slow down and he faces San Francisco this week, which is always nice for the stat sheet. You should be able to pick up and play Martin with confidence in Week 9.

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