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Russell Wilson, Seattle (Owned in 95 percent of leagues)

I doubt anyone is selling Wilson realistically, but if you happen to know someone who wants to get rid of him, grab him. Wilson had a pretty abysmal outing this week, but the more interesting stat is how he has yet to really utilize his rushing ability. Anyone who has been playing fantasy football since 2012 knows that Russell Wilson is a premiere rushing quarterback, yet this season he has roughly 50 rushing yards over four games. This just does not add up. I fully expect him to start opening it up more in the future and if he can’t make some defenses miss, he could end up rushing for a few touchdowns to supplement his already good numbers.


Dalvin Cook, Minnesota (Owned in 99 percent of leagues)

I know for a fact that Cook owners are sweating. I just pulled off a trade for him in one of my leagues. Dalvin Cook has been a major disappointment this season, but that’s one trend I don’t think will continue. Cook suffered a horrible injury last season and is just getting the feel of being back out there, so there’s going to be a learning curve. He’s literally three games in and in one of those games, he aggravated an injury. While it may suck to bench him for a couple more weeks, knowing you probably paid a premium, don’t sell. For those owners who are trying to move him to even get HALF of what his value was on draft day, DO IT.

Three more players for our VIP Members.  One wide receiver a tight end and an IDP player. Thanks for supporting Fantasy Sharks.

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