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In a fantasy football league, the most valuable asset is the team owner’s ability to know when to buy players who are on the cusp of breaking out and knowing when to cut loose a player who is about to go into decline. Much like the real-world stock market, making the wrong decisions sometimes can lead to cataclysmic consequences. If you are in a league where you can unload or load up on some of these players, do so!



Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams (Owned in 67 percent of leagues)

Goff has sure been the picture of inconsistency where he has two road games in which he scored over 20 fantasy points each and then two home games where he barely breaks into double-digits, but I think it’s not a terrible sign. The defenses that he was able to pick apart in Weeks 2 and 3 (Philadelphia and Buffalo) are not very good and fortunately for the Rams they have a schedule of a lot of easy defenses coming up, so if there was ever a time to get Goff into your lineup, it’s now, especially right before they roll into Washington.


Tom Brady, Tampa Bay (Owned in 92 percent of leagues)

I’m honestly surprised that Brady is only owned in 92 percent of all leagues just because of who he is. But I will not be the guy who stands here and tells you that Tom Brady is bad, or even that Tom Brady is bad at fantasy football. It’s all about buying and selling here. Tom Brady is a serviceable starter, but he is simply not putting up the stats that we are used to in New England. Last week he got really lucky slinging five touchdowns later in the game but one thing that is interesting is that by halftime, Tom Brady only had a 50 percent completion rate and had already thrown a pick-6. This is not what I want from my quarterback and if there was an owner in the league would give me someone like Josh Allen or some other upper level quarterback for Brady, I would do it in a heartbeat.



D’Andre Swift, Detroit (Owned in 78 percent of leagues)

I admit, I didn’t have Swift anywhere on my radar for drafts this year and that was a mistake. This week has shown me that this guy might be something else. Adrian Peterson led the team in carries with 11 carries for a pitiful 36 yards (though he did get a touchdown) where Swift had only four carries and got 22 yards out of them. Not flashy numbers I know, but who is to say that Swift might have done some better damage with the 11 that Peterson had? Swift has the ability to be the top guy on this team and I am willing to buy him for his low price now to be the beneficiary of it. Get him on your bench in all leagues and wait for the breakout.


Ronald Jones, Tampa Bay (Owned in 93 percent of leagues)

Ronald Jones managed to get a 100-yard game due to Leonard Fournette being out and LeSean McCoy getting knocked out of the game. If you have him and can turn that performance into a trade for a legitimate starter, I recommend doing that now.



Robert Woods, Los Angeles Rams (Owned in 99 percent of leagues)

Woods had probably the worst game that he will have all season last week managing to only turn six receptions into 35 yards. Don’t fret, Woods is easily the best receiver on the team and has a great matchup next week against Washington. Get him now and you can get a big boost from your receivers next week.


Tre’Quan Smith, New Orleans (Owned in 28 percent of leagues)

Putting Tre’Quan Smith here is actually pretty difficult for me because I have him as one of my top prospects in dynasty formats. This guy will be a spectacular player in the future, but as the New Orleans depth chart looks right now, I just can’t see him being a viable starter in fantasy games. He managed to snag two touchdowns this week … against Detroit. Detroit is one of the worst receiving defenses in the league, and if there is an owner in your league who doesn’t know that, trade him Smith for a different receiver and then trade back for him at the end of the season if you’re in a dynasty/keeper league.



Evan Engram, New York Giants (Owned in 85 percent of leagues)

I’ve said it already, and I’m going to keep saying it. Hold fast on Engram. He’s going to break out very soon and be the tight end that you want on your roster. Let your league mates rush to the waivers and go crazy over Dalton Schultz and Robert Tonyan. Engram has been proven that he has the skill. It will happen. Engram gets at least five targets in every game and he is about to have matchups against Dallas and Philadelphia, who have two of the worst receiving defenses in the league, so the numbers are coming. Plus, all these bad performances should be making him dirt cheap.


Mo Alie-Cox, Indianapolis (Owned in 31 percent of leagues)

Mo Alie-Cox finally came back down to Earth this week with only one reception for 13 yards (albeit for a touchdown), after having his two stellar games against Minnesota and the New York Jets. I don’t think Alie-Cox has the proven fantasy commodity to be going for as high as he is right now, and if I had him on my roster I would sell him. I may be alone on this, but I do not take a lot of risks when it comes to tight ends. They score so low on bad days that I would take average level consistency over the high-risk, high-reward guys. Trade him now unless you feel like Weeks 1 and 4 were the flukes and not the norms.

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