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In a fantasy football league, the most valuable asset is the team owner’s ability to know when to buy players who are on the cusp of breaking out, and knowing when to cut loose a player who is about to go into decline. Much like the real world stock market, making the wrong decisions sometime can lead to cataclysmic consequences. If you are in a league where you can unload or load up on some of these players, do so!



Andy Dalton, Cincinnati (Owned in 17 percent of leagues)

I don’t know whose buying on Dalton at the moment (probably people who are just desperate at quarterback), but if you have him, get rid of him. For four straight games, he has been decreasing in yardage as he adjusts back to his old average Andy Dalton self. If I have him on my roster, I’m trading him to someone who needs a bye week replacement for the better quarterback they have on bye and rolling with Cody Kessler or Derek Anderson for one week.


All Green Bay RBs (Owned in 50 percent (Aaron Jones), 32 percent (Jamaal Williams) and 30 percent (Ty Montgomery) of leagues)

They can’t be trusted consistently. The Green Bay backfield is a widely confusing contested committee (tongue twister). There has been no running back who has consistently pulled ahead and proven themselves to be the workhouse of the group and for that reason, it’s a danger to start any of them from week to week. If I have one of them, I would trade them now while they are coming off the bye because the longer you wait, the more one of their stocks can go down, or maybe up. But trade none the less.


Tyrell Williams, Los Angeles Chargers (Owned in 8 percent of leagues)

Williams is coming off of two HUGGGGGGGE weeks, so now is the time to strike! I have no doubts that owners throughout the fantasy football community are salivating over the potential of Williams, but for me I can’t buy into it. He has been a picture of inconsistency and with all the targets that Philip Rivers has in his arsenal, I truly think that Williams is a sporadic boom-or-bust candidate.


Trey Burton, Chicago (Owned in 5 percent of leagues)

It was actually quite honest to find a sell high tight end this week, so I am having to go with Burton just because of how good he did this week in comparison to the overall performance he has had throughout the year. I don’t quite know what you could get for him in leagues, but I would love to hear what people do get for him if they try to shop him around. I would, however, trade him straight up for my “Buy Low” tight end candidate.

Individual Defensive Player (IDP)

Nick Vigil, Cincinnati (Owned in 13 percent of leagues)

Nick Vigil was a fantasy monster at linebacker for the first part of the year … then he strains his MCL. Currently he is week-to-week and has a bye coming up. That means you are potentially doing without him for 3-4 weeks total. If you are a lock to get into playoffs, ignore this and he will probably rock the IDP scoreboards during the playoffs. But if you’re a team that is trying to get the wins to get in, trade him to someone who IS a playoff team for a much-needed piece of offense or defense that you are lacking.

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