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In a fantasy football league, the most valuable asset is the team owner’s ability to know when to buy players who are on the cusp of breaking out and knowing when to cut loose a player who is about to go into decline. Much like the real-world stock market, making the wrong decisions sometimes can lead to cataclysmic consequences. If you are in a league where you can unload or load up on some of these players, do so!



Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee (Owned in 81 percent of leagues)

Tannehill didn’t do much against Pittsburgh, but that was to be expected. Pittsburgh is one of the best teams against quarterbacks, yet Tannehill still managed to finish with 17 points. Knowing that, and the fact that he’s already gotten his bye week out of the way makes Tannehill a very valuable quarterback for the last stretch of the season. I would trade a lot of quarterbacks for him straight up, even if they do have the flashy big names, because Tannehill has been for the most part, a picture of consistency.


Tom Brady, Tampa Bay (Owned in 97 percent of leagues)

Yes, everyone loves Tom Brady, and while I would sure use him if I had him, I would be even more open to trading him for the king’s ransom that he could go for and get someone like Tannehill back in return. Brady is hot and cold some weeks, and I am seeing a lot of the cold coming for him when he has to go up against New Orleans, the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City defenses.



Tevin Coleman, San Francisco (Owned in 21 percent of leagues)

This one is a bit of a stretch because he is injured, but I want him now. San Francisco is dealing with a bunch of injuries in its backfield and the teams says Coleman is close to returning and if he does, he is going to be the workhorse. The added bonus for Coleman is that if he does come back this week, he gets an easy run defense in Seattle, and if he comes back next week, he gets another easy run defense in Green Bay. So Coleman is a great person to buy, ESPECIALLY if he’s still on the Injured Reserve list, because other managers should be willing to settle for dirt cheap prices.


Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas (Owned in 100 percent of leagues)

I hate to put Elliott on my list because I am a diehard Dallas fan, and have had him on my team since his rookie year in at least one of my leagues each year, but it’s time to call it. The Dallas offense is going to be getting killed now that its first- and second-string quarterbacks are down, so teams are not going to have to fear the pass and are therefore going to concentrate on shutting Elliott down. Trade him before this week starts and every other manager gets the info that you should already have. Dallas is done for the year.



Terry McLaurin, Washington (Owned in 98 percent of leagues)

I don’t know how “low” you will be able to get McLaurin for, but whatever the price is, it’s probably worth it. It seems like McLaurin is going to be Kyle Allen’s favorite target, and Allen looks like he wants to throw A LOT. Last week he saw 23 targets that he turned into 14 receptions, 164 yards and a touchdown. If he can just get close to those numbers every week, he’s worth everything you might be giving up to get him.


Scott Miller, Tampa Bay (Owned in 9 percent of leagues)

Look at Tom Brady making these little guys superstars. Miller went for over 100 yards and a touchdown this week, but this is an irregularity, and if you happen to have him on your bench (because there was no way he was really in your lineup) trade him to someone else in your league, if not for any other reason than Brady is about to have Antonio Brown hogging all the targets.



Evan Engram, New York Giants (Owned in 86 percent of leagues)

He’s been on my list before, and he probably will again. He’s not scoring like he has been the last few years, but he’s still worth starting. He tied Sterling Shepard for the lead in targets this week (nine) and while he only managed to haul in six of them, those are a healthy amount of targets for a tight end. It also helps that the Giants now have their top receivers healthy, Engram should be seeing less coverage now and more opportunity with a favorable schedule still to come.


Mike Gesicki, Miami (Owned in 61 percent of leagues)

Gesicki has had some good games. There’s no arguing that, but he’s also had some really bad ones and now that he’s going to be dealing with a new starting quarterback, it’s tough to predict where he’s going to land. If he’s built up the rapport with Tua Tagovailoa, then he will be fine, but I would much rather shop him around and see if there is someone who is really interested in him.

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