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Another great week to stream defenses, with some of the weaker defenses in the league having some plus match-ups. My strategy has always been to not necessarily look at the defense I am streaming but who they are playing in making my decision of who to use. This year we have some historically bad offenses in Arizona, Buffalo, and Oakland. If you can start anybody playing these teams it will almost always lead to a good day (Unless you are the Vikings week 3 against the Bills, where did that come from?)

New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, and San Diego Chargers vs Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, and Oakland Raiders (Grade A): So going back to my open I decided to just list these three match-ups together, because they are all facing the offensive bottom feeders of the league. It doesn’t matter if it is Allen or Peterman at QB for the Bills, they just don’t have the weapons to compete with anyone. The Jets will streamline the offense because of the Darnold injury and lean on their defense this week leading to what could be a solid game for the Bills Defense also. Kansas City will be up early and often which will lead to Arizona passing. This has the makings of a multiple turnover and sack day for a defense who relies on pressure and turnovers. Oakland has quit on the season and the Chargers would wan nothing more that to embarrass the Raiders the last time they will play in Oakland.

Green Bay Packers at home Vs Miami Dolphins (Grade B): The Packers for three quarters did a good job against the Patriots last week, but the Dolphins are not the Patriots. I don’t think the Packers are ready to give up on the season just yet and this is a great game for the Packers to get right again. The Packers should dominate the time of possession and limit the amount of time the Dolphins touch the ball. If Green Bay can bottle up Drake and Gore, Miami just doesn’t have anything else to be afraid of.

Philadelphia Eagles at home vs Dallas Cowboys (Grade B): If they are available because someone dropped them because of the bye week last week, I really like the Eagles in this matchup. I am not an Amari Cooper fan and I think the Cowboys hurt themselves last week by going to him so much in the red zone. It seemed like they were forcing him the ball and taking those touches away from Beasley and Elliott. If that continues this week it is going to be a very long night for “America’s Team”.

Daily Fantasy Corner

New England Patriots at the Tennessee Titans (DK 2,700/ FD 4,200): The Patriots defense has been getting better every week. Some of that has been the fact they have played some bad teams that has allowed them to work on some of the problems they were having. Nobody does a better job of adjusting on the fly than the Patriots and this will be another week for them to work on things. The Patriots should be up early and force Mariota into passing situations, taking away the strength of the team, their running backs. Also 2/3 of an already bad receiving corps will be out for the Titans, which just makes the Patriots a MUST START this week.

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