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Week 7 of the NFL season has some really good match-ups for those of us who like to stream defenses or have a defense on a bye week. The best match-up of the week comes bright and early Sunday morning just over the pond in London.

Los Angeles Chargers In London vs Tennessee Titans  ( Grade A++): The last 6 games played in London have a combined scores of 190-34 which comes out to an average of 32-6. Two of these games were shutouts and I am willing to bet that by 1:00 Sunday morning we will have a third. The Titans have been absolutely awful on offense. Even when they are winning they have not moved the ball consistently and with all of the issues that come with playing in London they will be even worse.  The other factor is how well the Chargers have been playing this year. Outside of the two games vs Kansas City and L.A. Rams the Chargers have been very good and this will continue against Tennessee.

Indianapolis Colts at home vs Buffalo Bills ( Grade B ): The opportunity is here for the Colts to have a very good week. I am just not ready to give them an A rating even though the Colts are improved on Defense and the Bills have arguably the worst offense in the league. With that being said I still think that the Colts will have a good day and if you are looking for a waiver wire play for this week, I would go with the Colts.

Detroit Lions at the Miami Dolphins ( Grade B): I refuse to board the Brock Osweiler train to nowhere land just yet. Yes he looked good in one game but how much of that was him and how much of it was the fact that the Dolphins wide receivers were breaking open on broken coverage. I am expecting that the Lions will have a much better game plan and Brock Osweiler will morph back into Brock Osweiler again.

Daily Fantasy Corner

New England Patriots at the Chicago Bears ( DraftKings 2,400/ Fan Duel 3,500): The Patriots have been playing better on defense despite what happened last week. No one has come as close to shutting down Kansas City’s offense as the Patriots did in the first half. For the price you are getting them for, the Patriots will be a great bargain this week.

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