Saturday - Jan 23, 2021



This is a great week if you are planning to stream a defense. Many of the defense who are available in most leagues have very good match-ups this week. So without further ado lets get right into my top defense of the week.

New England at Buffalo Bills on Monday Night ( Grade A+):  Let’s get one thing clear the Patriots are not a great defense, they may not even be that good of a defense. The Bills are just awful on all sides of the ball. They may very well be the worst team in the NFL and an all time worst offense. Add to that the only player you worry about LeSean McCoy is in the concussion protocol and even when healthy has looked old and slow. This is the type of match-up that makes streaming worth it.

San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals in Arizona ( Grades A): Speaking of awful offensive football teams, we will have a showcase of two of the worst in football. Arizona is fresh off of firing their offensive coordinator which may actually help them improve a little. San Francisco has had awful injury luck all year and you can’t start a team of 2nd team players and hope to compete. I could see this ending in a 12-9 final score.

Indianapolis Colts at the Oakland Raiders (Grade B+): The Raiders are in fire sale mode at this point in the season. They traded away Amari Cooper and put Marshawn Lynch on IR. The Colts have shown some improvement this year on Defense. The will at least compete, which is more than I can say for Oakland. The Raiders have quit written all over them.

Daily Fantasy Corner:

When I looked at the Daily Fantasy Value Chart for this week I had several teams I would suggest playing this week. Besides the teams I already wrote about you could add the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, and the Washington Redskins to the list. This is not the week to over pay for a defense. This is the week to take a value at the Defensive position and spend the money on a top player.

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Mike is an avid fantasy football player and competes in keeper leagues that are open year round. He is an elementary school teacher by trade so we can only assume that he must also have the patience of a Saint. We hope you enjoy his viewpoint.