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Last week was a fantastic week to stream defenses, with many of the below average defenses having plus match-ups. This week it is a little more difficult to find a streaming defense that isn’t already owned but there are a few we can discuss.

The Monday Night Teams Tennessee Titans at the Dallas Cowboys ( Grade Cowboys A and Titans B+): This one is going to be a low scoring game with two suspect offenses. The Cowboys have the superior rushing attack because they can lean on Ezekiel Elliott but the passing game is at best average. Some people think the Amari Cooper can answer some of the problems in the passing game but the fact of the matter is that Cooper is the most overrated wide receiver in the league until we see different. As far as the Titans go, it is becoming “put up or shut up” time for Marcus Mariota. He was supposed to make a jump at some point between last season and this but we just haven’t seen it. I like the Cowboys as the best stream of the week.

New York Jets at the Miami Dolphins ( Grade B+): Ryan Tannehill is going to be out again this week and that means another week of Brock Osweiler. The Dolphins receivers are banged up, inconsistent, or just plain awful and that is not a winning format. As far as the running backs go, Gore is slowing down and Drake is a boom or bust type player. I expecting the entire offense to have a bust week for the Dolphins and that makes the Jets a solid play this week.

Kansas City Chiefs at the Cleveland Browns (Grade B): I would never advocate for the Chiefs having a good defense but what they do have is good enough to stop the Browns defense. The Browns are a bigger mess now than they have been all year (and that is saying something). I expect  them to do what they have done in years past, which is to pack it in and wait till next year. Baker Mayfield is still learning but has a shot to be a legitimate starting NFL quarterback. I expect about 5 sacks and 3 turnovers from the Browns.

Daily Fantasy Corner

Chicago Bears at the Buffalo Bills (DK 4,100/ FD 5,400): OK, I know the Bears are the most expensive defensive play of the week but I just don’t see how any other defense will come close to matching the Bears production this week. Last week with so many plus match-ups, it was a great week to save salary on a lesser defense. This week however the Bears who own the top fantasy defense are playing the worst offense by a mile. Sometimes you have to just suck it up and pay when you have a match-up that is this good.

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