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STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE: Good/Bad Matchups – Week 15

If you’re reading this, hopefully it means that you advanced to the next round of your playoffs. Week 14 was filled with a lot of wonky happenings around the NFL, so if you survived, let this serve as a kudos to you. That being said, we must move on and get you closer to winning that championship. Let’s go ahead and jump into some quarterbacks and tight ends who have good and bad matchups for Week 15.


Good Matchups

Derek Carr, Oakland (at Cincinnati)

If you saw Oakland upsetting Pittsburgh in Week 14, then you need to go buy some lottery tickets pronto. Carr was a major factor in that upset, as he threw for 322 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. For those who are counting, Carr has five touchdowns and no interceptions in his past two games. Now he gets the pleasure of taking on the Cincinnati defense, who is the third-best matchup for opposing quarterbacks. Stream Carr if you are in a bind in the playoffs (gross, I know).

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia (at Los Angeles Rams)

Wentz had been dropped in most leagues due to his porous play, but he could be a stud in Week 15. In Week 14’s loss to Dallas, Wentz shined, as he threw for three touchdowns and had no interceptions. The Rams are the best matchup for opposing quarterbacks, and they should come out firing after their Week 14 upset loss to Chicago. This game has shootout written all over it, so get yourself a piece of the action and start Wentz.

Bad Matchup

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay (at Chicago)

Another week, and we have another tough decision for quarterbacks and tough matchups. I could tell you to sit Matthew Stafford against Buffalo (toughest matchup for quarterbacks), but who the heck is in the playoffs and thinking of playing Stafford? Enter Rodgers, who finally looked a little better against Atlanta in Week 14. Let’s go ahead and pump those brakes, as he faces Chicago in Week 15 (fourth-toughest matchup for quarterbacks). Jared Goff just got demolished by Chicago in Week 14, as he had no touchdowns to go along with four interceptions. So yeah, maybe look at an alternative play if you have Rodgers in your playoff matchup.

Tight Ends

Good Matchups

Vernon Davis, Washington (at Jacksonville)

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Jordan Reed was injured in Week 14 and looks doubtful for Week 15. Enter Davis, who caught all four of his targets for 31 yards in the blowout loss to the New York Giants in Week 14. So, Davis should be the starter for Washington this week, and he gets the third-best matchup for tight ends in Week 15 when he faces Jacksonville. Josh Johnson is an upgrade from Mark Sanchez, so there’s that. Look for Johnson to lean on Davis early and often in this contest.

Cameron Brate, Tampa Bay (at Baltimore)

Brate may have been dropped after his dismal performance in Week 13, but you need to go snatch him up if he’s available for Week 15. Baltimore is a great defense, but it is the easiest matchup for opposing tight ends. Jameis Winston always looks Brate’s way in the endzone, which was evident in Week 14 when he caught two touchdowns against the stingy New Orleans defense (fourth-toughest matchup for opposing tight ends). Brate is an awesome play in Week 15, Sharks.

Bad Matchup

Jimmy Graham, Green Bay (at Chicago)

As I state every week, it’s hard to sit any tight end with any value. That being said, if you’re still banking on Graham as a starter, please stop. He only saw five targets in Week 14 against Atlanta, and he only secured two of those for a dismal 13 yards. Week 15 brings a matchup with Chicago, who is the sixth-toughest matchup for opposing tight ends. If you’re still banking on production from Graham, you need to stop and look elsewhere immediately (my apologies for being so blunt, but seriously, just stop).

A Look Ahead to Week 16 …

For Week 16, Josh Rosen gets the best matchup for quarterbacks when he faces the Los Angeles Rams, who will be fighting for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. Baker Mayfield should be serviceable, as he gets the third-best matchup for opposing quarterbacks when he faces Cincinnati. For tight ends, Matt LaCosse could be your streamer, as he gets the second-best matchup for opposing tight ends. Courtland Sutton was injured in Week 14, so this could open up more targets for LaCosse. Cameron Brate gets yet another cake matchup in Week 16 when he faces Dallas (fourth-best matchup for tight ends), so hopefully someone dropped him and you can pick him up, like now.

Best of luck to you all in Week 15. I hope you all advance in the playoffs and ultimately win your league(s). You can utilize the Fantasy Sharks Strength of Schedule tool yourself to find good and bad matchups for any part of the upcoming season (and any other position).

As always, don’t hesitate to ask me any and everything regarding fantasy football on Twitter (my Twitter handle can be found below). Until next time, Sharks!

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