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STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE: Good/Bad Matchups – Week 16

It’s championship week, baby! Hopefully all of the Sharks survived one of the strangest weeks ever in the history of football, as injuries and star players letting you down were aplenty. That being said, we still have another game to win! Let’s go ahead and jump into some quarterbacks and tight ends who have good and bad matchups for Week 16.


Good Matchups

Case Keenum, Denver (at Oakland)

Keenum has not been good this year, to put it lightly, but he does get the fifth-best matchup for opposing quarterbacks when he faces Oakland on Christmas Eve. If any team can make a subpar quarterback look good, it’s Oakland. I really wouldn’t feel good about this stream, but you can’t deny that this is a golden matchup. I’d much rather play …

Josh Allen, Buffalo (at New England)

New England is the 12th-best matchup for opposing quarterbacks (I usually feature players in Top-5 matchups), but Allen needs your attention. Allen has surprisingly been a QB1 the past four weeks, which is better than the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson (I could keep going, but you get the point). Last week against Detroit, Allen only had 16 yards rushing, but Detroit is notorious for stopping mobile quarterbacks on the ground this year. Before that, Allen averaged more than 100 yards rushing per game, and he should get close to that number again when he faces New England. Josh Allen is a starter for fantasy purposes, folks, so go ahead and set him in your lineup and don’t look back.

Bad Matchup

Tom Brady, New England (vs. Buffalo)

Another week, and we have another tough decision for quarterbacks and tough matchups. The hardest matchup for opposing quarterbacks is Buffalo, so you may need an alternative quarterback if you are relying on Brady. Brady could only toss one touchdown (and one interception) against Pittsburgh, so what makes you think he can do much better in a worse matchup? It’s tough to bench a guy like Brady, but I’m here to tell you to at least consider it.

Tight Ends

Good Matchups

Matt LaCosse, Denver (at Oakland)

LaCosse looked good in the Week 15 loss to Cleveland, as he turned six targets into four receptions for 43 yards. Now he gets the third-best matchup for opposing tight ends when he faces Oakland in Week 16. The tight end landscape isn’t pretty, but I’d feel “safe” if I needed a streamer this week and went with LaCosse. Denver should be going all out for this game, so hopefully the team will look to exploit Oakland’s biggest weakness (I know, Oakland has many weaknesses …).

Ricky Seals-Jones, Arizona (vs. Los Angeles Rams)

If you are really desperate this week, give Seals-Jones a look. He didn’t do much in Week 15 (3 receptions for 22 yards), but he did tie for the team-lead in targets with eight. It’s all about opportunity, and when you partner that with the fifth-best matchup for opposing tight ends (Rams), you usually get success. I’d still rather play LaCosse over Seals-Jones, but he is a good consolation prize if someone else scoops LaCosse up before you.

Bad Matchup

Rob Gronkowski, New England (vs. Buffalo)

As I state every week, it’s hard to sit any tight end with any value. Gronkowski has been a bust this season, to put it kindly. Now he gets the second-toughest matchup for opposing tight ends, which leads me to believe he could let everyone down yet again. Even in a plus matchup against Pittsburgh in Week 15, Gronkowski only had two catches for 21 yards. Yeah, that’s just not going to get the job done. You’re still starting him, however, but expectations need to tempered.

A Look Ahead to Week 17 …

For Week 17, Nick Mullens gets the best matchup possible for quarterbacks when he faces the Los Angeles Rams. Mullens has been a nice surprise, and could help out your fake team if you are still playing in Week 17. Derek Carr gets the third-best matchup when he faces Kansas City, as this game could be a high-scoring affair. Evan Engram needs to be owned, as he has been hot as of late. Week 17 brings us the best possible matchup for opposing tight ends when the New York Giants face Dallas. Baltimore is surprisingly the second-best matchup for tight ends, so David Njoku could be of service for you Week 17 fantasy folks.

Best of luck to you all in Week 16. I hope to hear that you all won your league(s) and finish off 2018 with a bang. You can utilize the Fantasy Sharks Strength of Schedule tool yourself to find good and bad matchups for any part of the upcoming season (and any other position). As always, don’t hesitate to ask me any and everything regarding fantasy football on Twitter (my Twitter handle can be found below). Until next time, Sharks!

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