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Week 4 in the NFL and this is the key week of the year as your free agent acquisitions could put you over the top. Last year at this time, QB Daniel Jones was the magic free agent and this year we have another. Right on schedule there is QB Josh Allen who is scoring more than proven QBs. Last week was Josh Allen’s big pickup week in our Fantasy Football league but Gardner Minshew is still available and his points are serviceable. Make sure you look for the player who will get you out of your scoring doldrums and into your winner’s circle.

My plan for the week was to bench Drew Brees for Gardner Minshew and laugh all the way to a Fantasy Football win on another 30 point performance at home against the Miami Dolphins. I then watched the Thursday Night game and was aghast to see a 13 point result. But plus performances got me my second win of the season. It just so happens to be a Sunday win.

Sunday Win

The key to winning Fantasy Football is to pull together a team that statistically outperforms the averages in the league and hope your opponent has a player go for less than the statistical average. That is the little bit of luck you need and trust you me, there is some luck involved in this weekly setup of your Fantasy Football team. So I got plus-performances from Derrick Henry (26), Tyler Lockett(37), Stephen Gostkowski(31), and the Buccaneers defense (24). Those plus performances delivered 118 points which would have defeated 5 other teams in my league this week. My overall score of 162 points led the league. Now I have to try and avoid one great week and one not-so-great week. I am looking for more burgers which are plus performances and less bagels which are sub-par performances. But how is the scoring this year? I am intrigued because of the fact there was no preseason football. So let us take a look.

Scoring Is Up

So I continued the tradition which I started in 2012. I have entered into a spreadsheet every score from the NFL through the first two weeks. I continue this article with my annual look at the scoring in the league and that result is that scoring is up!

In the year 2012 when I started this, the average score was around 24 points per team for the 32 teams and the 64 scores achieved over two weeks. The actual result was 1,506 points but you get the overall picture. Fast forward to this year and the results for 32 teams and the 64 scores by each team over two weeks is an average of about 25 points per team or an overall score of 1,611 points. This is 3 points higher per game than last year and more than any year I started tracking this statistic. It appears that defenses suffer more than offenses when it comes to points scored in a year where there were no pre-season games. I am all for scoring because it increases the points across the board in your Fantasy Football League.

This week’s diary entry is about saying an official goodbye to Summer.

Dear Diary

The end of Summer has come and gone. It is the time where New England locals bid a fond farewell to the hummingbird although ours left officially on 8/31. When you are quarantining it appears that you seem to notice things like this. But we keep out our feeder so we can be a stop on the way South for any stragglers coming down from Canada. But for the most part they are all gone. Also it is the time of year people predict the foliage. “Farmer’s Almanac says the lack of rain over the Summer means beautiful colors”. I am pretty sure they said last year, we were getting beautiful colors because all the rain. Hey now. Maybe the colors are beautiful every year.

The fall autumn air and then the rainstorms will arrive to take all of the resplendent colors away. So look this week because the change is happening faster than I recall. Or maybe I am just paying attention to it a little bit more than usual.

As I have stated before…

Be on the lookout for Pumpkin Spiced everything at everywhere you by ice cream, cake, coffee, pie, donuts, and shakes just to name a few. Welcome the season of harvest that gets Halloween added to it and taken away. But will we have a traditional Halloween this year? It is looking doubtful according to my Magic 8 Ball. And this fall stuff officially ends with Thanksgiving.

Master D.

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