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1. Russell Wilson, SEA (vs. CLE) – 88.55
2. Patrick Mahomes, KCC (vs. HOU) – 86.58
3. Deshaun Watson, HOU (vs. KCC) – 85.30
4. Lamar Jackson, BAL (vs. CIN) – 83.03
5. Matt Ryan, ATL (vs. ARI) – 77.14
6. Dak Prescott, DAL (vs. NYJ) – 75.35
7. Matthew Stafford, DET (vs. GBP) – 71.46
8. Gardner Minshew, JAC (vs. NOS) – 70.55
9. Kyler Murray, ARI (vs. ATL) – 68.24
10. Carson Wentz, PHI (vs. MIN) – 64.51

Five games into the season, we’d expect Patrick Mahomes to be atop the QB rankings, but his TD-INT ratio is an unexpectedly sparkling 11-0; however, I doubt that many of us would’ve predicted that Deshaun Watson (11-1 TD-INT ratio) and Russell Wilson (12-0 TD-INT) would be right there with him… Gardner Minshew is continuing to produce, and his similarly  sterling 9-1 TD-INT ratio will make for some interesting conversations in Jacksonville when Nick Foles is ready to come back.
Running Backs
1. Christian McCaffrey, CAR (vs. TBB) – 83.37
2. Austin Ekeler, LAC (vs. PIT) – 76.24
3. Dalvin Cook, MIN (vs. PHI) – 69.91
4. Aaron Jones, GBP (vs. DET) – 63.39
5. Mark Ingram, BAL (vs. CIN) – 59.59
6. Le’Veon Bell, NYJ (vs. DAL) – 59.11
7. Nick Chubb, CLE (vs. SEA) – 56.91
8. Darrel Williams, KCC (vs. HOU) – 56.46
9. Chris Carson, SEA (vs. CLE) – 54.83
10. Derrick Henry, TEN (vs. DEN) – 53.22

Darrel Williams makes for a nice start this week, since it seems more focus seems to be on backfield mate LeSean McCoy… I know Melvin Gordon is back in the Chargers’ backfield, but Austin Ekeler has earned the right to keep most of his touches. Like I mentioned last week, Justin Jackson will be the odd man out but I also Ekeler and Gordon will pretty much evenly split the snaps in that backfield. The cat is out of the bag in L.A.

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