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Fantasy Football: The time is now!

Speaking Out: The time is now!

Penny-pinching Americans — they’re too few in these days of credit, credit, credit. Yes, consumers keep this great country operating, but when is it too much? As the economy continues to crumble like a Little Debbie coffee cake, consumers steer clear of malls and use up as many coupons as they can hold in their zipper bags. They play the

blame game and get in to political arguments with their loved ones and closest friends as to which party is truly at fault. They grab their favorite bag of potato chips and quart of ice cream and vedge in front of the TV watching shows like



Dancing with the Stars and my personal favorite,

Sportscenter. They go to sleep at night wondering if that hard earned money they’ve been saving for the past 20 years will be accessible to them in the near and far future. Most of all they lay awake at night staring at the ceiling wondering how their fantasy team will hold up for the remainder of the season.

That’s right, as the economy falters, fantasy football should rise, and as democracy takes it tolls on

America, the popular game that was just that when it was first introduced to NFL diehards will soon turn in to a sport itself. How soon? How about now?

Just watch, it’s inevitable — unemployment rates will rise and stocks will continue to fall, while hit numbers reach an all-time high on sites like and The rise of Wi-Fi and lower internet rates among major telecommunication giants will force Americans to surf the internet like they’ve never surfed before looking for stats, opinions and reasons to start Le’Ron McClain over

LaDainian Tomlinson. They’ll be super-glued to their television sets come Sunday when

Brett Favre is leading another Jet air raid in his ancient green number four jersey, but then will find themselves finger nail dancing on their keyboards trying to get to faster than the next average Joe. And then there’s my favorite — the WAFS (Women Against

Fantasy Sports); yeah they’ll be going to the bank for another loan only to be rejected, putting the site out of business as their server will go haywire with all the complaints coming in from diehard fantasy and NFL fans.

Does this sound about right to you? I mean why not, right?If there was ever a game that could transform itself in to the next Mega-tronic-like sports giant, it’s this one.  And in this time of economic turmoil Americans could use a past time that will keep them entertained, informed and classy unlike SNL’s

Tina Fey or Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones. They could use something that will put their minds at ease and not in the gutter of their retirement plans or profit sharing accounts. Most of all they could use something that won’t drain the check book, but makes them a little bit smarter each day.

There is hope for

America and it’s in the form of “Who do I start? —

Tony Romo or Drew Brees?” or “Should I trade

Ryan Grant for Chris Johnson?” It’s either that or we can all sit around laughing at senseless farces or crying at sappy chick flicks featuring soap opera actors becoming incompetent, incoherent and just plain stupid while eating Doritos and finishing off the Edy’s

vanilla ice cream. The choice is yours, but choose wisely. Choose fantasy football! And choose Fantasy Sharks!  

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