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Week 11 is here which means you’ve got three weeks left to get yourself into the playoffs. With only those three games left to establish position in your league there is no room for error. For most of us a three-game win streak to finish the season could be the difference between making it in the playoffs or not. Not to state the obvious but, you can’t have a three-game win streak to finish the season if you don’t start with a win this week.

The crazy thing is there are lots of injuries out there as well as six teams on byes this week. Week 11 is shaping up to be a week in which most of us could really use some good help from the waiver wires. So let’s get right into the players who we can turn to this week for help, and the ones who maybe we shouldn’t, and, as always, let’s start with quarterbacks.


Jacksonville’s Blake Bortles is a name I have not mentioned once this year so far as he has been too inconsistent to be worth a waiver pick. That was until this last week when he threw for 320 yards and two touchdowns in a 29-26 loss to Indianapolis. Bortles looked really solid and now owners are whispering about grabbing him off waivers. On second thought, I do not think this would be a very wise move. Bortles has been wildly inconsistent this year which is the main reason why owners have shied away from him up until now. He is available in 80 percent of leagues and did look much better this week and he is too up-and-down to put him in your lineup for my tastes. Couple that with the fact that he is playing red-hot Pittsburgh in Week 11 and I think Bortles is just too risky.

Very similar to Bortles is Dak Prescott. Who has also been up and down all season.

Prescott and Dallas are playing better football these days and Dallas plays very quarterback-friendly Atlanta in Week 11. Prescott is available in 70 percent of leagues and should be able to give you some great numbers against Atlanta. Use caution if grabbing Prescott, as the next two weeks after Week 11 see him facing Washington and New Orleans, which will most likely end badly for Prescott and the boys.

Marcus Mariota is available in 85 percent of leagues and for two weeks I’ve been pushing you all to grab him if you need help in the quarterback position. For those two weeks he has put up more than 20 points in standard leagues. In those two weeks he threw for 468 yards and four touchdowns. It appears that Mariota and Tennessee have another good week in them as they are facing off against Indianapolis in Week 11. Similar to Prescott, if you grab Mariota for this week do so with the caution. I say this because he faces a very tough Houston defense in Week 12.


Giovani Bernard is back from injury and due to his pass-catching role behind Joe Mixon many owners have been talking about him on the waiver wires. Bernard is available in 68 percent of leagues and with A.J. Green out for multiple weeks, Bernard should benefit as an outlet receiver which is good. I would stay away from Bernard, though; mostly due to his matchup. Bernard only saw four touches in Week 10, when New Orleans throttled Cincinnati, 51-14. Cincinnati has just as tough of a matchup in Baltimore in Week 11, so this is not the week to grab Bernard.

If it is running back help you need maybe take a look to Seattle and Rashaad Penny.

Penny, available in 87 percent of leagues, had a great game on Sunday against the tough Los Angeles Rams defense. With 12 carries Penny managed 108 yards and a touchdown. A little word of caution regarding Penny. He got this uptick of attempts due to Chris Carson being sidelined. It appears that Seattle wants Penny to get more touches but he could very well end up as part of a three-man running back by committee. On the other hand, he could win the RB1 job outright if Carson’s injury keeps him out longer, and if that is the case then he is a must add in any league.

Jacquizz Rodgers is also and interesting add in Week 11.

The Tampa Bay running back is available in 99 percent of leagues and caught all eight of his pass targets for 102 yards in a really bad loss to Washington this weekend. With Ronald Jones injured still and the New York Giants on the block for Week 11, Rodgers could be a sneaky pick up in any league and a great pick up in points per reception (PPR) leagues.

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