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Where is the season going? It is on fast forward and I lost running back Jay Ajayi. Just when you thought the reigning Super Bowl Champions would be forced to run the football they find themselves without a running back and one game under .500. Luckily they play in the NFC East and that division is really unpredictable which means they still have time to put it together.

Cleveland Browns Alert!  The Browns are .500 at 2-2-1. By this time of the year I look back on how much my team has changed and you should as well.

Who Did You Start?

So this is the time of year you can play the game “Who’d Ya Start?” This is a game where you count your starters in the last week and did you draft them? In an unusual twist, I started 5 drafted players out of 8. However my bench has 6 players who I did not draft. Each week brings opportunities on the waiver wire and don’t feel badly if you are 0-5. And don’t get overconfident if you are 5-0. As for me I had a little bit of good fortune.

Burgers For Me

You have to get some good fortune and my starting quarterback Deshaun Watson and running back James Conner resulted in a 60 Burger. But this is a week I should have lost. I only had three touchdowns scored for my whole lineup. My opponent had four which kept me in the game. If I do not consistently find the end zone, my record is going to precipitously dive. But I cannot complain as I currently am enjoying a record of 5-0 but as I mentioned, do not get overconfident.

Dear Diary

I smiled this last weekend. That big toothy grin which only comes to you when you experience the right moment at the right time and everything is OK with the world. I had that experience watching Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie returned as Flight of the Conchords. The New Zealand duo were just more amazing than ever. It was just a joy to watch and something that I can say never got old and the concert was quite long.

So thank you Jemaine and Bret. Your wit and clever lyrics made this fan smile ear-to-ear. And I think everyone needs that now and again.

Master D.

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