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FANTASY FORECAST 2018: Curse of 325

As a fantasy sports writer (or any sort of writer, actually), you always want to be known for something uniquely your own. For me, when I finally decide to hang up my keyboard (probably soon), I’d like to think that I’ll be remembered for some of the things I helped kick off: actual Consistency Rankings (don’t get me started on hacks who make up “consistency” rankings without a shred of math to back it up), relative position value (The Best Damn Draft Theory), and perhaps my most famous gimmick: the Curse of 370.

Nothing ever stays the same, however. As the game has evolved, the days of running backs getting anywhere near 370 touches a season are just not happening any more. So last season I decided to lower the threshold that could also help owners avoid drafting a bust runner. Here are the results when I dropped the threshold to 325 touches a season (stats from 2007-17):


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