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Fantasy Intelligence Report: Diner Food, Shiny Toy Cars, and Back To The Future

This last week has been kind of tough on me. Last weekend, I found out that somebody I consider a friend lost his 4-year-old daughter, and it really has hit me hard at times when I look in to my 5-month-old daughter’s eyes every day. This
Fantasy Intelligence Report is dedicated in his honor, and to all those fathers who have dealt with the pain of losing their daughters. I hope I never have to trek down that road.

Here’s to football. Fantasy football.

D.F.T.C.O. – Diner Food To Chew On

Chew on these last minute sliders for your last minute draft day.

If you’re worried about Domanick Davis showing back up in Houston, then steer clear of Arian Foster with one of those Top 5 picks. If you’re a gambler like me, then close your eyes and shout out his name like you just won the lottery.

If you’re picking from the ninth slot on back, and your league is using a points per reception format, take a chance on a top wide receiver combo. Having Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald on the same team with guys like LeGarrette Blount and Mark Ingram is a good way to win a championship anyways.

Don’t take Kevin Kolb in the fourth round. I know this sounds way too obvious, but it wasn’t to an owner in a recent mock draft I was a part of. Then again, he must have read one of my Fantasy Intelligence Reports suggesting that Kolb and Fitzgerald were a good combo. He just didn’t get the memo that Kolb is backup fantasy material.

I keep speaking so highly of Lance Kendricks, but he continues to be Sam Bradford’s best friend on the field, and fantasy owners are starting to notice. I wasn’t kidding last week when I said that I’m starting to draft him as a starter. I am. I have found I can usually pluck Kendricks between Rounds 10 and 11 in 12-team formats, a much better value than overdrafting for Antonio Gates between Rounds 3 and 4.

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is starting a late ascent up the rankings. And while he definitely throws punches like a 16-year-old girl, he still carries the football with plenty of power, something that the Giants will definitely utilize a little more this season. Jacobs is a good value pick in non-PPR 12-team formats between Rounds 8 and 9.

Jacksonville Jaguars running backs Maurice Jones-Drew and Rashad Jennings both have bum knees and could shatter at any point this season. Who’s next in line? Deji Karim, please stand up. Yes, Karim isn’t even listed in the Top 77 among running backs, but the guy has Jones-Drew Part 2 written all over him if he gets a chance to play. Karim will probably end up starting the season backing Jones-Drew up and is definitely worth a late-round pick as the real and explosive handcuff to the former top five fantasy scorer.

T.F.N. – Thumbing For News

Lick those thumbs, and get those bifocals out. It’s time to take a look at a few headlines from around the NFL.

We start in Cincinnati, where wide receiver Jerome Simpson is ready to step up in to the spotlight that new New England Patriot Chad Ochocinco left dim when he was traded before training camp.

Simpson finished 2010 with a bang – 20 receptions, 277 yards, and three touchdowns – and according to is looking to continue to progress in 2011 as starter opposite rookie A.J. Green.

“It was a big release last year just to go out there and show my talents and get that burden of not playing off my back from the last three years,” Simpson said. “They drafted me in the second round and I was supposed to be playing. I was behind some great receivers and there were some other circumstances but I had to pay my dues. I’m ready to build on what I did last year and improve and get better.”

While Simpson does have the skills to be an elite receiver, fantasy owners should temper their expectations for now until rookie signal caller Andy Dalton gets more comfortable in the pocket and really shows that he can lead an NFL team.

In Miami, there is some excitement surrounding what running back Reggie Bush is going to bring to the Dolphins offense in 2011, and according to the
Miami Herald he’s determined to prove that he can be featured runner. In fact, he has been working almost too hard this offseason.

“I knew this guy was a hard worker,” coach Tony Sparano said. “I love this guy, but [his work ethic] can be almost to a fault. You have to tell Reggie to slow down. That’s a good problem to have. I wish I had 80 of them in there that I had to tell to slow down.”

Of his new mentor, rookie running back Daniel Thomas said, “He’s trying to prove he can be that featured back.”

Durability and stamina have been issues for Bush in the past, but the Dolphins coaches and players know that if he can past those issues, and get back to the attacking style of play the whole world saw in his days at USC, he’s going to be dynamic for the Dolphins offense.

“We’re very excited,” left tackle Jake Long said. “We’ve been watching Reggie every single day at practice. You know he can run in between the tackles, he can run outside, you can pitch him the ball, you can throw him the ball, and you know he can make guys miss. And he gets one step on a guy and he can make a 10-yard play in a 40-yard play.

Bush’s average draft position has risen about six picks to 83.14 in drafts after August 25. He’s definitely a running back to consider between Rounds 6 and 8 in PPR formats.

In San Francisco, and according to, rookie running back Kendall Hunter will be Frank Gore’s backup, not Anthony Dixon, heading in to the regular season.

Hunter led all rushers during the preseason with 231 yards, and averaged 6.6 yards per carry. He is a must have handcuff for all Gore owners, and could eventually replace Gore in the starting lineup down the road.

And in Arizona, it’s being rumored that Cardinals starting running back Chris ‘Beanie Wells’ is looking leaner and meaner, and coach Ken Whisenhunt is liking what he’s seeing. Furthermore, according to
The Arizona Republic, Wells will be playing with a very large chip on his shoulder this season. Just how big is that chip though?

“It’s huge,” Wells said. “I don’t really like to say I have to go out and prove people wrong, but I have a lot of people saying what I can’t do and who I’m not, so I’m going to go out there and play football and enjoy it.”

Whisenhunt added: “It looks like Beanie’s improving and getting to where we want him to be. I have to compliment Beanie because when you’re a first-round draft pick, you have an injury and you don’t live up to what other people’s expectations are early, there’s a lot of criticism for you.”

I have to admit that I’m not yet sold on Wells as a full-time starter in my fantasy lineup, but would consider him as a flex option, especially at the sixth- or seventh-round price that his current average draft position of 71.40 is suggesting.

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