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Fantasy League Extras Part 1

Does your league need spicing up?  Does it seem like MORE could be done in your league, to create more excitement and camaraderie?  Look no further!

First off, creating a League Fund is a great start.  This is so the league can purchase and provide “extras” to the league, so every owner can benefit.  I’ve always loved the idea of Draft Day T-Shirts, creating a specialized team shirt for every owner to wear on draft day.  Every owner that has won a championship should be known on their shirt.  Bragging rights, you know!

Also, having a league championship trophy or championship ring is something awesome to present on Draft Day to the League Champion.  I prefer traveling trophies because the current league champ will hold onto the trophy during the following season until a new champion is crowned.  Have a Toilet Bowl Champion Trophy is something fun to present on Draft Day as well.

Before the draft, well before draft day, having a draft order ceremony is something to keep everyone excited in the offseason, leading up to draft day.  Using www.draftorder.com is an exciting way to do this!

If you’ve built enough money in your League Funds, use some of it, along with more personal money, and take a guys trip out of town to hold your draft.  Go get the other owners trashed leading up to the draft so you will have the edge.  Good camaraderie you know?

Little things like these, or big things (like the trip), are just a few ideas to spicing up your league and making it more fun for your current, and/or new owners.  You don’t want to have to replace owners on a year to year basis.  Keeping a solid league and coming up with new ideas, as a league, will only make your current league stronger, last longer, and more fun!  That’s what it’s ALL about!

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