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Fantasy Magic 8 Ball: LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy

stands as one of four (arguably six)upper-tier fantasy running backs in the 2014 draft. So if you’re in a redraft league picking in a top-4 spot, I “highly recommend” you draft him.

Just like the IRS “highly recommends” you pay your taxes every April 15th.

This is fantasy advice that my 10-pound dog could give you, and, as such, is not a fantasy relevant conversation. Where today’s Fantasy Magic 8 Ball is focused concerns keeper and dynasty leagues.

*Shakes Fantasy Magic 8 Ball*

Sell. That’s right, it didn’t stutter. Using my shirt sleeve, I’ve cleaned the window of the Fantasy Magic 8 Ball and it says S-E-L-L.

Hey, don’t yell at me – I’m only a messenger. I know what this means. It means, that in all probability you will have taken one of this year’s most productive running backs (which is under consideration for protection by the National Wildlife Association as an endangered species) and allow another team to prosper this season with him. With McCoy!

Well, I said “sell,” not “give.” Make sure you get a hefty price in return. I mean, that’s the whole reasoning behind selling…right now.

If I told you three years ago to sell
Arian Foster
you would’ve told me I was nuts then, too. Or
Adrian Peterson

last year. But he seems a little more human now after that late-season injury, doesn’t he? What would you get for Foster now? A second-round pick in next year’s rookie draft? A third? At one time there wasn’t anything that
Steven Jackson

couldn’t do. And now, there’s not much you can get for him.

Go back through the past 5-8 years and look at the top fantasy backs. Go on…check out the names from the past:
LaDainian Tomlinson
Steven Jackson

Frank Gore

Marion Barber

Chris Johnson

Ryan Grant

Arian Foster

Shaun Alexander.
Clinton Portis

Tiki Barber. And some others, but this is enough to make the point.

Look at their experience and how many years of premium fantasy results they have. Some, only a few. The rest…5-8 years. Generally the biggest stud running backs are capable of generating 5-8 years of top-tier fantasy performance. Beyond that,  it’s a myriad of inconsistent games and injury absences. And when they’re in that stage, their value is mostly shot.

McCoy has had five premium seasons now. No serious injuries. No messy holdouts. No
Marshawn Lynch

style threats of retiring. And he’s coming off one of the greatest seasons a running back can have. His stock, truly, will not be higher than it is right now.

Nick Foles

be able to repeat his performance from last year? Will the loss of
DeSean Jackson

and the instability of the remainder of the receiving corps place too much pressure on the running game? Will the presence of
Darren Sproles

give McCoy some much needed rest, but siphon away precious receptions from his fantasy stats? A lot of unknowns. But one thing can be certain…in the next 3-5 years, McCoy will most likely decline. Age. Injury. Team chemistry.

Sure, he can help you win now. But could he be worth three or four players to fill several holes plus some future draft picks? Yes, very much so.

If Foles has a sophomore slump and McCoy has an injury, he’ll still be very valuable – but not as valuable as he is right here, right now.

What’s he worth? Well, now that’s something you need to answer. But three years from now, could you be left with the type of running back that
Steven Jackson

has become?

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