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Fantasy News: Focus on the No. 4

Unless you’ve been living in a cave with a few wicks and a walking stick I guarantee you know the theme for Week 4; how fitting, right?  This week I’m placing extra emphasis on…. you guessed it…. Brett Favre.  Below you will find a collection of headlines, quotes, and any pertinent information pertaining to the Brett Favre Vikings-Packers rivalry. 

I’ve also left a few other

4 headlines below if you’re not interested in the Favre-Vikings-Packers talk. 

First, we start with a few tidbits from a transcript posted on post Favre talking to the media on Thursday. 

Question: Are you motivated to stick to Ted Thompson

Answer: “Never was motivated for that reason. So, no. It had nothing to do with it.”

I had to start out with a bang here.  Most will argue and say he’s lying, which he may be, but you can’t deny the fact that he’s a competitor and a winner, so it’s not outlandish.

“I want to win it all. I don’t think I have to prove anything to anyone.”

Right he is on that one.  Next. 

Q: Why Minnesota? Why not stay with the Jets?

A: “Um…Well, I wasn’t willing to have surgery at that time. That’s first and foremost.”

It’s a good thing for both clubs that he moved on to Minnesota.  I’m not sure Favre would be able to co-exist with a more demanding coach like Rex Ryan, and it looks like rookie Mark Sanchez is doing just fine with the 3-0 gang green and white.  Next.

Q: Why not talk to Aaron Rodgers

A: “For what? I think Aaron has not only done well, but I think he’ll have a great career. I said that from Day One. That’s why they drafted him. No one’s called me. I’ve talked to Drive…I don’t know what to tell you.”

Whether or not he said these things doesn’t matter, because knowing his competitive personality I know he didn’t like being wiggled out for a young gun. 

Then I found this quote courtesy of the Minneapolis Star Tribune of No. 4 talking about revenge.

“I never played or would play for quote-unquote revenge,” Favre said. “It’s too long a season. It’s only one, maybe two games. What do you do the rest of the time? … What I said, and would say to anyone, (is) I think it’s human nature to say, ’I still can do it. I want to prove someone wrong.’ In your business there’s competition, I would assume, in wanting to be the best. If either you’re told you’re not the best, or you feel like someone’s going in a different direction, I think you would want to prove you could still do it. Now, in a nutshell that’s what I was saying.”

While he is right in that they do only meet a maximum of twice this season, barring any playoff showdown, he seems to missing the one key ingredient — he’s helping a hated green and gold rival win; well at least that’s what jersey burning, Favre hating Packer fans would say.  The bottom line for me here is that thus far Favre is winning not only the battles each week, but the overall war, and why wouldn‘t he?  I mean he only has the best running back in the game behind him, and a behemoth offensive line in front of him. 

Now we go to the other side and discover that according to the

Green Bay Press Gazette Mr. Aaron Rodgers is clearly not in the same neighborhood as Mr. Benedict Favre (as some like to call him).  In fact, coach Mike McCarthy believes he shows a lot of traits of an anti-Favre, but still thinks the adrenaline will be pumping this Monday night. 

“This game is always an emotional game,” McCarthy said. “I don’t think that he’ll be throwing it into the stands on his first pass or anything like that, but I think it’s only natural that everybody is going to be gunned up for this game.”

What’s amazing to me is that No. 12 hasn’t shown signs of instability throughout the whole Favre saga dating back to last preseason, something that the Packers coaches have noticed as well.  He’s always focused. 

“That’s his type of personality,” Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements said. “He has an even keel. He gets a little fiery on the field at times, which is fine, but he’s an easy-going guy off the field.”

The most important shining trait, though, that Mr. Rodgers brings to the green and gold neighborhood comes from up top, mentally.  Rodgers hasn’t thrown an interception this season.  In fact, dating back to late last season No. 12 hasn’t thrown a pick in his last 148 attempts; the longest active streak of any starting quarterback today.  And according to the

Minneapolis Star Tribune it’s something that if you told Greg Jennings about, he wouldn’t be surprised one bit. 

“Aaron isn’t a guy who is going to try to beat [teams] by himself,” Jennings said. “He’s going to use everything he has around him. He’s done that well. If we can keep him up and clean, and we can catch the ball and do our jobs, we have faith that he’s going to do his job. He has not shown us anything otherwise.”

For the record, and even more impressive, is the fact that Rodgers has been sacked a league high 12 times this season, yet he hasn’t forced the issue, hasn’t come off the turf once wincing in pain, and most importantly the Packers are 2-1. 

It’ll be a showdown for the ages. 

Here are some other No.

4 news headlines. 

What’s next for the NFL’s

4th leading rusher? 

Bills running back Fred Jackson has probably made a few friends in the fantasy world this season, especially in PPR formats.  As the headline indicates he’s the 4th best leading rusher in the NFL this season with 291 yards on the ground, but he hasn’t just excelled rumbling with the pigskin in his arms.  Jackson has also caught 15 passes for 134 receiving yards as well.  The bottom line — he’s been an all-around great running back in the absence of the now returning Marshawn Lynch.  Remember him?  According to the

Canadian Press some fans may not want to. 

“It’s weird,” Lynch said, referring to the reaction he received from fans while he was working out in Buffalo while suspended. “I’ve been hearing a lot of different mixed things like some saying, ‘I can stay where I’m at, Fred’s doing a wonderful job,’ which I don’t mind.”

Word is that the Bills will eventually utilize the running back by committee approach now that Lynch is back in the mix; something that Jackson doesn’t seem to mind, and on the outside seems excited about. 

“Without a doubt,” Jackson said of welcoming Lynch back. “I’m probably more excited than anybody.  He’s a playmaker on offense. We’re looking forward to him coming in and making some plays for us.  I’m excited. I don’t think we have selfish guys on this team. I think we have a common goal, and that’s winning.”

Coach Dick Jauron has made it clear that his plan is to ease Lynch back in to the flow of the game, but didn’t rule out splitting time 50-50.  Either way this is not promising news for Jackson owners no matter how persistent he is about getting more opportunities because the offense will be on the field more often with Lynch behind quarterback Trent Edwards too.  The reality is that the Bills offensive line isn’t good enough to make stars out of two runners, and the Bills defense is already injury depleted and the worst in the NFL against the pass.  Unless Lynch goes down or struggles for a few weeks Jackson owners will watch his value be flushed down the toilet bowl.  Forget about trading Freddy J now.  Hold him and hope for the best. 

No. 2

4 to return against the Broncos.

Believe it or not the Dallas Cowboys lead the NFL in rushing yards per game (193.7).  The even better news is that their primary rusher, bruiser Marion Barber III, will be ready for this week’s match-up against the Denver Broncos, especially considering that Felix Jones won‘t be.  According to the

Dallas Morning News both owner Jerry Jones and head coach Wade Phillips stated they expect Barber III to play on Sunday. 

“[Barber] said he felt like he’ll be ready Sunday,” Phillips said.

Barber was able to take part in a full practice on Thursday for the first time since suffering his quadriceps injury.

The bottom line here is that Barber III will start while Tashard Choice will play a larger role than normal as the No. 2 option behind the bruising back with fast Felix out.  For the record, the Broncos rank seventh against the run, and first in points allowed per game — an astonishing 5.3 average. 

Where is the blue No. 8


When TJ Houshmandzadeh went out west this offseason to Seabird country I guarantee his fantasy value immediately rose on almost every fantasy owner’s rankings board.  But so far Houshmandzadeh has been anything but appealing.  No. 84 has recorded 14 receptions for just 145 yards in the first four games while the Seahawks second option Nate Burleson has caught 20 balls for 229 yards and has scored a touchdown.  So what gives?   The

Seattle Times points out that the fiery receiver insists that he has been open a lot this season, but he just doesn’t get thrown the ball.

“You know, T.J.,” coach Jim Mora said. “He’ll tell you, he’s a guy that believes he’s always open.”

Gee, I wonder where he got that spirit from.  Cue the Ocho leap. 

“He’s just such a violently competitive man by nature,” Mora said. “And I think that’s one of the reasons he’s had the success he’s had in this league.”

The Housh-patience has to be growing thin with fantasy owners, but for some that could mean opportunity.  If anything, now is the time to trade for him, especially with his trade value dipping as low Justin Gage (13 receptions, 142 yards, 1 TD). Sad, isn’t it? 

4 Bold Fantasy Predictions for Week


1. Glen Coffee runs for the most yards of any running back in fantasy and scores two touchdowns. 

2. Derek Anderson has a 2007 flashback and throws for 300+ yards against the Bengals leading the Browns to their first victory, as the Dawg Pound barks for Quinn. 

3. Pierre Garcon blows up for 150+ yards and two touchdowns against the Seahawks raising the question of whether or not the Colts need “Gonzo” back. 


Donald Driver steals the Metrodome Monday night show, shimmying and shaking his way to a two touchdown performance and game MVP.  

Thanks for reading!

Good luck. 

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